Thursday, 18 May 2017

'Work Not All Bad'

Life continues to prevent Birding, mostly, so we shall shift focus;

Lunch break on Tuesday [grotty weather] saw a shock series of sightings!
First two low Swallows [not unusual], then 2 Swifts a bit higher, then a frickin' Hobby! All going north.

The Hobby was the third I've had from work in seven summers, now. I wonder how many someone who could spend all day staring up would get?

Of interest, Wednesday [grottier weather, even] saw nothing at lunch, but 7 Swallows were feeding at canopy height by an Oak on the way out.

Today saw better weather and nothing above, beyond the inevitable Herrings, Woodpigs, and corvids...

I suppose you'd better have a piccie, so here's One From The Archive;

This Time Last Year..

Once Were Giants.

Be Seeing You..

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