Sunday, 11 June 2017

My Turn

After all the news earlier in the week of people seeing Stormies all over the shop, finally the weather was forecast to be good for me to have a go. Well, it was forecast earlier in the week. At one point it looked really good for a certain set of conditions, even.. :)

But then the jet stream zigged and off the lovely low went and so.. I went anyway. A front was forecast for the afternoon, so get there early and wait for it, right?

The weather laughed at me quite a lot. Not as much as the Stormies, though.

Nope, not one.

I did see a few birds in the eight hours I gave it. Yes, eight.

415 Manx and a Balearic - not bad? 9 Puffins - not bad at all.

No Sooties, no skuas [of any flavour]. One Common Scoter. One. [I'm not sure I've only seen a 'one' before...?] A scattering of Swifts, two gorgeous Med Gulls - one a pristine adult WOW - and the usual Gannets, Kitts, and Fulmars.

I gave the Ore Stone a look and there were more than 500 auks. Yes, 500 [I got 523 in all, including resting on the sea in vicinity]. At least 6 Razorbills, with birds coming in FF [looked like Sandeels and smaller fish, maybe Sprats or Whitebait?] and everything. :D

Nothing sexy came close enough to shoot, but that didn't stop me;

Leading elements of a horde of 29...

Yes, 29 *&?@$%*£$!!!!! on jet skis. I might observe the proportion of them who were shall we say, the type who might be expected in other circumstances to buy a Harley Davidson and last maybe two or three weeks before...?
 Of the 34 jet skis in all, I could tell you how many weren't.

Ach, where's a trained White Shark when you really need one?

Let's see a nicer surprise, name that bird!

Not expected on this date.

Much more expected, here's a couple of target practice shots;

2cy Gannet


One of four, there.

And finally, because I haven't inflicted one on you in so long, here's something truly horrifying;

Moulting 2cy Herring Gull



In case you're in the dark, that was a full s/pl G C Grebe up there. Quite what it was doing tarting about on the sea when it should be on a lake somewhere I do not know.

Also of interest; the first Sunfish I've seen in an age, a Cormorant catching and [once it had fought off 5 GBBs!] narfing a humongous Bass, and a brief glimpse of a grey cetacean - probably a Harbour Porp, but I got so little on it..

Despite it seeming that not a huge amount happened, the time went quickly - always a good sign - and indeed, 4 of the Puffins and quite a few of the Manxies came through very close.

Ah, if only there'd been decent rain to turn the chummer on, I reckon it would have been a corker..

Be Seeing You..

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