Saturday, 18 March 2017

Spring Things

I got out and about today looking for a few migrating type things, and I even managed to see a few. A swing by Stover saw Mandarin and Sand Martin, plus Goosander and Pochard, but no other hirundines or stripey-headed ducks. Then a longer wander about Exminster drew many more Sandies, and some nice Greeeeen Sands, plus encounters with Bailey Sr. - we looked for an invisible Swallow, but as we'd forgotten our Invisible Swallow Seeing Filters™ for our scopes we failed ;) - and the famous JK and her Camera of Cirl-summoning.

Unfortunately, said interesting birds stayed either too distant or too fast for a decent [or even awful] photo.

But I can't spare you the horror deny you your fun, so here are some less camera-shy if also less migratory birdses;

Spot the Kingfisher

Too late, he realised why they'd said 
not to go out into open water...

One of these Goosander..

...Is not like the other.

"Wait, did I just hear his autofocus lock on?!?"

Did someone say Spring?

In other news.. I'm sure there's something, but I can't remember it right now. Never mind then, eh?

Be Seeing You..

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