28 June, 2020

Another Bug Hunt

::Insert Aliens joke here...::


What to do of a work-free Monday? I know, let's see if any scarce insects have survived the deluges of last week!

I headed over the Exe to seek Small Red Damselfly, Silver-studded Blue, and maybe some of those mysterious Red-veined Darters everyone's so suddenly cagey about [compare last year..?!?]

Well, spoiler;

Small Red Damselfly

Right at the usual place.

You know, this might be the best SRD photo I've ever taken [they usually hide in the rushes just too far away to get easily, the rotters].

I tootled around likely-seeming bodies of water [what? If everyone else is going to be cryptic...], taking in the two spots where I've had best results with my target species, and duly scored said species. Though, it must be admitted only one SRD, and this

ID Challenge

The only blue sp. of the day, too!

Battered and bleached with scale loss, this one's definitely survived the inclement weather..! All you need to ID is in the photo, though.*  :)

I started early, and was able to keep largely far away from the growing madding crowds and bale before it got too baking [though note I went hunting before the extreme rise in heat later in same week], though it did mean things weren't very visible at first. Nevertheless, as well as those two lovelies, I saw a few other assorted Flying Things, and yes, time for more pictures;

Marbled White

Starting to come out in numbers, and one finally posing :)

Large Skipper

At least 9 seen. Also a couple of smaller golden skippers, but these zipping about and not stopping, so no firm ID [Small and Essex present in area**].

Small Heath

Lots about, as you might expect.

Nice and fresh

Small Tortoiseshell

Cinnabar Moth

Moth sp.!

This again... Last year, I photo'd one like this, which looks like a cross between Brown Silver Lines and Dusky Scalloped Oak, not that far away, but in fairly thick vegetation. There were lots [double figures] flushing from the same flower meadow you get skippers and Marbled Whites in.. Hmm.

Immature Keeled Skimmer

Four-spotted Chaser

Another, in better light

Large Red Damselfly

Azure Damselfly

Blue-tailed Damselfly

Very fresh damselfly!

Dark Bush Cricket

Dodgy flight shot 1;
Southern Hawker

Dodgy flight shot 2;
Common Hawker

Shot 1, note apple green face, 'shoulder blobs', green markings on thorax and brighter level-held abdomen.
Shot 2, note yellow face, thin shoulder stripes, very dark thorax, darker abdomen held tilted up

Round-leaved Sundew

Heath Spotted Orchid

Bog Asphodel

So, two out of three, plus assorted other goodies. Not bad. Even with the weather.
It was, even then, even with the wind, far too hot, but lovely to be ambling about.  :)

Be Seeing You...

[[* Upperwing; remains of black border inside white edging, underwing; no spots in proximal half of forewing and silver studs in hindwing.]]
[[** See last year's post]

26 June, 2020

Death From Above

Yes, I'm gloating.

Ok, I'm not really properly gloating.. More like very happy and keen to share what I have.

[Which would be a lot more if my BLEEEEPing camera had behaved properly...]

So I was out and about on a far too hot and sunny day, in a place I shall not name somewhere in Devon, when my trained instincts to look up [mundanes don't] paid off with a 'soaring raptor, oh it's low o-that'snotaBuzzard!!!'

And so;


That, for those of you unsure, is an adult male Goshawk. Yes, I said the G word.

Male as I had a size comparison with a Buzzard [which thought better of any interaction, unsurprisingly].

He's loooking down and to the side, which is why his head looks small for a Gos, but look at that white supercilium standing out on a black hood... Also note rounded tail feathers and [moult-assisted] secondary bulge, plus the heaviness of the body.

Earlier shot

Later shot

The rest.. horribly out
[but a nice shape shot]



More detailed posts of adventures will be hopefully forthcoming, gaggle permitting.

Be Seeing You...

23 June, 2020

More Bits.

Organisation. Sense. Order.

No, we need none of those things!

Behold, more odds and sods from here and there.

Red Admiral and Large Skipper

Not only putting up with each other - rather unusual - but also letting me get right up close and personal with the camera. Normally only HBFs are so confiding when nectaring, I couldn't believe I got so close to them...

::Double straw noises::

Marbled White

Feeling less helpful.

Green Shield Bug
[after it bounced off my head..]

Out for a jolly


Moult centres shown via Crow damage!

Flashy talons*

Though I suspect this might be a "Look at these, mate, and remember them the next time you want to take the piss about the worm thing..."

Even Greenfinches

"Feeeed me!"

"No, no, I'm a Grotfinch, really!"


Seawatching season is open! :D

Though how good it'll be with this lot out there...

Time for more cuteness.

"Right, I got this..."

Younger juvie Blackbird. :)

Drinking is much simpler

Be Seeing You...

[[*Yes, yes, they're 'claws'....]

18 June, 2020

Moths.. At Last

I'd been getting even more worried about the utter lack of moffs coming to the assorted lights here this year. With the very warm weather we were having, and people with proper moth traps getting plenty, I wondered why. Moth numbers in the last few years have crashed here [as I've said before, you used to get several a floor and usually eight plus species without looking hard and now eight total is a good result]

But, with the break in the weather, with wind and cooler nights, the moths have started appearing! And I've even seen some new ones! :)

So, let us get on with it!

Light Emerald

Green enough to be a very fresh one.

Great Oak Beauty

And what a beauty. :)

Olive-brown one

Previous years' Satin and Willow Beauties looked more like this one, [I thought it wasn't GOB, either until I checked], the books show Great Oak being grey, like the top one.

Orange Footman

Buff Ermine

Crambus lathoniellus

Small Magpie

Pale Tussock

Treble Brown Spot

Small Dusty Wave

July Highflyer


Dwarf Cream Wave

Treble Brown Spot [variation]

Treble Brown Spot
[more variation]

Common Marbled Carpet

Dark Marbled Carpet

Garden Carpet

Variation Common Marbled Carpet

Mottled Pug

Small Dusty Wave

Green Pug

Dwarf Cream Wave

Worn Brindled Pug?

Chrysoteuchia culmella

Agnopterix heracliana

Not sure...

Phew, that's a few moffs.

Be Seeing You...