29 May, 2024

What Did The Sun Bring?

Off tarting about looking for butterflies and so on.

Well, reader, I found a few;
Nectaring on Bluebell
Or basking on the ground

Pearl-bordered Fritillary!

Two sites, plenty out at both, though not quite last year's numbers.

Very rarely a
Green Hairstreak will
sit still in the right spot...

Brown Silver-lines

Lots of moths, too.

Paraswammerdamia nebulla

Speckled Yellow

And spiders!

Heliophanus cupreus

Running Crab Spider sp.

Flavous Nomad Bee

My first photo'd nomad species.  😁

A slightly dazed Mud Dweller*,
which mistook my windscreen
 for a pond...

*Yes, really. They like stangnant shallow muddy habitats.

But the starts were the frits [of course]

An entirely arthropodical post.!

Oh, the scandal.

Be Seeing You...

27 May, 2024

Persistence. Pt.2, The Home Front And All That, Eh Chaps?

Most time ended up being spent about the Patch [especially if you include watching out the window waiting for the bleepingbleepingbleep to arrive...]

Ahem. Yes, anyways...

Where to begin? Shameless attempt at clickbait, I suppose;

Small White

And not horribly burnt out for once.
[What madness is this??]

Just be grateful it's not a moff

[Those are coming... Heh heh heh...]

More arthropodic fun ensues;

Wilke's Mining Bee?

Running Crab Spider sp.
[possibly P. albidus by range]

Razorbills on Ore Stone


Fah! Fah, I say.

I did some seawatching, at any chance pf half-decent weather when I could get there, and got not a lot. Odd shear, few Puffins [yay], usual standard species, though still only on one species of skuas and terns for the year.. But a surprise Stormie was as unexpected as it was welcome. Birds, eh?
And, after one watch [where I got very soggy...Feckin' forecast], this!

Big Black Slug
[and tiny golden beetle!]

Big Black Slugs are a Nose staple. Beware where you put your feet when it's wet.....

Ok, this has taken quite long enough.
Just posting it.

Be Seeing You...

22 May, 2024

Persistence. Pt.3, I'm Sure I Was Making Sense At The Time

With my continuing failure of blogging, and time just keeping on going and going, things are getting out of hand.

[And I can't even think of funny thngs to post Over There, either, and have resorted to cattle...]


The short story is that I've been trying and sometimes succeeding in finding yearticks, and at the moment of typing am on 196. Not awful, but I'd hoped to be the other side of 200 by now.
The reasons for this include unhelpful weather, even less helpful birds, and just.. Yeah stuff.

But that's birding in general and yearlisting in particular. To paraphrase and make Mr Gump's Mom more accurate, yearlisting is like a box of chocolates without a contents slip; you find out when you try.
I've also taken the odd break to see other things [while still looking for birds I've missed, 'cos multitasking] as time is getting on and butterflies are a thing again.
I like butterflies, even though they can be quite vexing to photo well. [Ah, dear fungi. {Even flowers tend to blow about in sudden breezes.. 😖}]

I suppose some clickbait needs putting up before I go any further, and so;

Green Hairstreak

This little er, insect  [I think the editing out of the bleeps worked, there] gave me quite the runaround, so it beats out all the Pearl-bordered Fritillaries just for "Ha!" value.

Anways, I had a plan, knew what I wanted to say, but well, there's that word there.. 'had'

So, we face the inevitable need to post something and get a few pics out to give you at least a sense of what I've been up to.

[Probably for the best, what with a few things]

Anyways again, a clipshow?
But first, time for some stirring.

That's not a Little Stint...

[[Anyone who said "No, that's a Shelduck?" Give thyself a clip about the ear for being a smartarse 😝]]

Right of the Shelduck and left of the clump of spiky grass on the right edge, that brown thing behind another lower bit of dry grassy stuff? Yes, that was said to be a Little Stint. 
I saw it and went  "Huh..."
As I said to others at the time, it looked and acted far more like a Temminck's Stint. It was very naughty, hiding behind those tussocky spiky bits far too much [very TS]. Others later saw it come out and evidently decided I was right.

Now, the bird photo'd the day before - which looked far far brighter and Little Stint-y-er - could have been that bird? Could it? I'm leaning towards the dreaded Two Bird theory, as there seems quite a big difference; hard to get wrong in effectively similar sunshine [though the 'seeing what you expect to see' phenomenon can catch anybody, as I know all too well..]. But never mind, it was a TS, and that's the worst pic of one you'll ever see!


Far better behaved that day;


With fish!

Very close and very confiding, it flew in and started up feeding while I was failing to find Yellow Wagtail. I was quite happy.

Large Red Damsel
and Fly  :)

I've also been trying and failing to see any tern that isn't a Sarnie [which has got a bit silly, but there we go], and even got some seawatching in [le gasp], with the highlight being an unexpected given less than ideal weather Stormie. Swings and roundabouts [though I'd happily trade it for a Rosey Tern  😉]

Right, that clipshow thing;

Passing Garganey

Singing Whitethroat

Singing Cirl

None on Patch, alas.

Wood Forget-me-not

Ashy Mining Bee

Wood Red Ant,
trying to get at my coffee...

It's always a Buzzard

[Well, almost always]

[What?  When, where, who....  😇]

Silver Y Moth

Pretty ubiquitous, but not so often from this angle, mayhaps?

Cut-leaved Cranesbill

Mouse Ear

Told from Stitchworts by the hairy leaves, btw.

Anyways, that's enough of that.

More - and more specific - posting will follow.

Hopefully sooner than later, but we, and indeed I shall

Be Seeing You...

20 May, 2024

More Filler. No Killer.

I'm still here, still working on it, but I can report I have finally been able to string more than two words together on a keyboard and am making some progress on getting the blog back up and running in something approaching the usual style.

No, not 'three weeks behind and crap', stop that.

Anyways, here's yet another random photo to put up for the thumbnail;

Spoonbill rates 
'Backward Birding'

[[That pic was an accident; I was trying to get a sharp shot of an awake - shock - Spoonbill and..Well. I wasn't going to put it online, either, but, well.... I blame the heat.]]

Posting will happen.
Just not today.

Maybe tomorrow.

Be Seeing You...

Ok, maybe the day after, we'll see how it goes.

14 May, 2024

Filler post

Apologies for the yet another the usual the delay in getting on with posting proper blog material.

I will get to it,    no really.
I may need a serious infusion of inspiration, and then a time machine to go back and remember what the vickers I was going to post when the words wouldn't come, but I will get to it.

Anyways, have a nice Buzzard

Yup, itsa Buzzard

This is indeed one of the three raptors from my last post.

I'm sure you're all shocked and amazed.

This Buzzard annoyed me even more than I'm annoying you right now.

One day I may even tell you why.

Until another day,

I shall

Be Seeing You...

11 May, 2024

Not Another Awful Pic

I was going to put this up on the Other Place, but as ely's goons can't code for toffee*, here we are.

Anyways, I was up skywatching on Friday when I picked up no less than three raptors, almost on top of me. I went for the camera and took a snapshot to make sure I hit something, then tried zooming in, but to no avail as one vanished behind the trees and didn't come back... I'll put a pic of one of the other two up later, but right now, what can you see?

No clues, genuinely curious.

Pesky trees, spoil
so many photos

Proper posting will resume.

Be Seeing You...

[[* Landscape format only.      Really? ]]
[[Oh, and no italics or bold text, either.  Very poor.]]

09 May, 2024


At last!

Summer is officially here, we have Swifts!!!!


😁      😎

Four low and screaming, right here, right now.

Persistence. Pt.1, Tarting About The Dart

Having some holiday to 'use or else', I picked making the May Day bank hollyday a nice long one. It's usually a good time of year for Swifties at least, so what the hell.

The Dart is well-named, for much of it is wooded, and Oak wooded at that. I've been spending a while in such areas, as spiring-arriving birdies are, well, arriving. Some are more helpful that others, especially when it comes to posing for the camera [little darlings]. Same goes for other flying things, such as our title pic;

Yes, it's a bad picture

But it is a picture of a male Brimstone, in flight, taken from across the Dart.
Oh yes.

Only once ever has a Brimstone been helpful - and I had to wade through brambles to get an angle, even then - they are almost as bad as Orange-tips...


Also Yellow,

"What are you looking at?"

A current theme,

Oh noes, another beetle...

The Dart was friskier
than previously

Mallards fear no rivers

Though he was working very hard for very little progress...

More progress was had by a certain 'orrible dog, who managed to not only purloin a flapjack on a nice afternoon by said river, but also slobber me right in the face..  😧 Arg.

And on that terrible note, I shall

Be Seeing You...

06 May, 2024

So Cute

Arachnophobes should note that this beauty could comfortably sit on the nail of your little finger.

Everyone else, go "Awwwwwwww";

Heliophanus cupreus

I believe it is important, when yearlisting an area, to cover as much of that area as possible.
So when doing Devon, you should get up North and over East and out West and down South.

Thus I was somewhere I've not been for a while - though I am rather fond of it - to definitelynotchasesomeoneelse'sbird seek interesting birds, both on land and at sea. I may even have succeeded.

More on this will follow, after I've, ah, posted about all the other stuff. [Not least the importance of looking at what you can see.*]

I will be doing this. Honest.

I'm not spending all my online time over There.

Not all of it.


Be Seeing You...


02 May, 2024

More Trees

Last weekend saw not so much birding done [tut] but I got out again and once the clouds got bored with raining sideways at me and buggered off, it wasn't bad.!

What pic to put up first for that thumbnail...

Hmm, how about this one?

Oh noes, he's getting
all arty again...

There is a Garden Warbler in this picture, but I'll be amazed if you can see it [I had enough trouble..]

By far the most populous warblers - and also the most visible - were again these things;

Hawthorn Warbler


But I did mention trees, so here are some more;

Sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy.

Wood Sorrel

Inevitable grainy bird shots,


Mistle Thrush


Flied Pycatcher

They are everywhere.


Never mind ID the moth,
spot the moth?!?


Wood Mouse!

Two Bank Voles also broke cover in my sight, but were too quick for the camera. Only the open road let me get this [and yes, it did dive down the drain..]

Lots of pictures, few words. What can you do?

Be Seeing You...