29 July, 2022

Oh Noes. Pt.3, Are You Still Looking At These?!?

All the other stuff? Well, sort of.
Small Emerald
Southern Grass Emerald

Mottled Beauty

Black Arches

Small Blood-vein

Box Tree Moth

Another, showing off
[despite location...]

[Not a Pug, near beauty-sized]

Mottled Beauty
[less funky variant]

Worn and sneaky Noctuid sp.

Less sneaky
Grey Dagger

Another, more obliging.


Small Magpie



And yes, there are even more to come.
Oh, pity thy poor tormented eyes that must gaze upon such horrors.
[At least they're not pugs, eh?]

I do have other posts as well.

You might even retain enough eyesight to read them...?


Be Seeing You...?

27 July, 2022

Green. [It's Not All Moths]


Not a great deal new going on onshore bird-wise. Swifts still present at time of typing, breeding spp. trying for second [or even third] broods, cute juveniles knocking about..

Like this noisy boy at the Nose;

Green Woodpecker.
Juvenile male


Blue Tit
Adult, clearly suffering,
trying to provision
 2nd/3rd brood!

A little brightness
in my Skygarden

Just a breather from the mothy hordes...

Be Seeing You...

26 July, 2022

Oh Noes. Pt.2, Waving Sanity Goodbye

Waves, assorted.









Riband Waves, Portland Ribbon Wave.

Not too many this time.

Be Seeing You...

25 July, 2022

Oh Noes. Pt. 1, Torture

Mothfrenzy begins.....

I suppose those dratted pugs need to be got on with...

Double-striped Pug

Wormwood Pug

Pug 3

Pug 4
[Another Doublestripe..]

Plain Pug?

Pug 6

Cloaked Pug

Pug 8

Juniper Pug,
melanic form

Pug 10

Possibly a worn Pimpinel Pug?

Foxglove Pug

Common Pug, form unicolour,
with a Yellow Shell

Wait.. You want me to ID them all?!?!???

[[Correctly???? ::Falls about laughing:: ]]

Well, reader, I gave it a go.

But even I have my limits.

Just assume they're all 'generic common pug'.  [Most of them are Double-stripes, I think....]

Anyways, enough about them.

Be Seeing You...

24 July, 2022

Off Doing Something

Having Something to do does help with the apathy, even against the oppressive heat of Summer [and I don't just mean the 30°+ nonsense of mid-July, either..].

So I went off on a Jolly to the Far North [er, again] and in shock turn of events caught up with two yearticks.

Now, I know most of you aren't even vaguely yearlisty, so we'll not go into details [not least due me getting exactly 0 pictures.. Tut] and just have some actually viewable scenery and so on.

You might remember this place..?

Stock Dove nest site
[left hole]

Having just annoyed the neighbours.

All sorts of interest about in [slightly] less wind than last time.

Pyramidal Orchid

Buff-tailed on Spear Thistle

All you can eat buffet for this
Seven-spot Ladybird!

Juvenile Swallow!

House Martins

Sand Martin

Meadow Pipit

Not just birds on a wire,

Great White Egret

Sedge Warbler

Moving on...

Somewhere new, somewhere even so rather familiar,
Steep slopes, Oaks...
Oooh, strata...
Interesting view.

All manner of woodland and scrubland spp. were heard if not seen [full leaf] in toasty sunshine [well, some people enjoy that sort of thing] and I even got in an hour's watching the sea [though passing gulls and shipping were the only things seen, but hey] during my [slightly late] lunch.
Lovely spot, definitely going back.

Aside from the usual Summer Goons on the roads ["Oh learn to reverse or get an uber!"] and a lack of low-flying [or even high-flying] kites, it was rather fun.

Be Seeing You...