29 April, 2020

Wandering About The Patch. Pt 1; Down South

My Patch covers a fair chunk of ground, but to be fair I can and do cover it all. On foot. Maybe not every day or even week, [[::cough cough:: year...]], but I get there.

With - at least according to the local constabulary at time of typing - driving anywhere to take your exercise 'very naughty', this has meant said Patch's further reaches getting more visited. When the usual constraints around Real Life [yes, that] allow, at least.

Thus it was that I beat my southern bounds a little while back. You may recall some pretty Willow Warbler pictures?

Yep, from here;

A footpath in the south west
of the Patch

I started at the Nose, then followed the coast south, before heading inland up my southern boundary [which is a little north of the bit where Patch Bounds hit the coast, for Technical Reasons]

You may recall I was here last year;

Looking out from Preston Down

After some more climbing, a turn, and some vexation at seemingly over the top closures of outdoor areas, I eventually got to this bit;

Oh dear, he's getting all arty again...

Well before all that, assorted other pictorial bits. Ignoring even a nodding aquaintance with temporal order...

Torre Abbey bird baths

Boo hoo

Caption competition

Real art

This takes me

Berry Head from London Bridge

Repurposed fortification;
Napoleonic cannon to
WWII machine gun

This is...

.. one of...

... my favourite...

... sections of coast path.

Back where it
[almost] began

It was a good yomp - and my feet certainly knew it! - but well-worth the effort. :)

Coming up, you may be amazed to learn, is part 2, when I went the other way, more or less, though with less time to play with I didn't get as far before fading light curtailed play.

Oh, and me actually talking a bit about birds.

Then we'll have more Bugs! and pretty flowers and things.. Ah, joy.


Be Seeing You...

23 April, 2020

More Pretty Flowers

In which wandering about the Patch provides opportunity to take pictures of things that won't fly away while the camera is refusing to focus..

Most notably, I found that those spotted leaves I found the other week had produced something;

Early Purple Orchid!

A little scouting about then produced;



Also showing about the Patch,

Dead-nettle spp.


Common Storksbill

Mouse-ear Hawkweed

Green Field Speedwell
and Common Cornsalad


Hmm, so much for 'proper trip reports'...

Oh well.

Be Seeing You...

20 April, 2020


...Is a singing Cirl Bunting on your Patch.



Being Schedule 1, all I can say is that this photo was taken this month, north of Paignton Pier, south of Watcombe Beach, and east of the Ring Road...


Other news to follow in the near future.

Be Seeing You...

16 April, 2020

Pretty Flowers

In which it does what it says on the tin. More or less.


Cue assorted plants, mostly flowering, all from the Patch. IDs may even be right [you never know...]

Hit it;

Wild Bluebell

Golden Saxifrage

Sweet Violet

Common Dog Violet

Common Scurvygrass

Hottentot Fig

'Proper' palm and cliff flora
[People-free view - very rare!]

Yellow Archangel



Sea Mouse-ear

Ground Ivy

Early Forget-me-not

Wood Sorrel

Smooth Sowthistle


[since mown by bleeping council..]

Musk Storksbill
[also since mown....]

Small-flowered Cranesbill
[note 5 anthers ]

Unsure - maybe an escape?

Patch orchid!
[Common Spotted or Early Purple?
We shall {hopefully} see...]

White Rockrose
[none pointed my way, the naughty things]

I think that'll do for now.

More flowers in future posts, which will be going back to a more traditional format, I think.


Be Seeing You...

14 April, 2020

Gratuitous Tits Again

I can't help it if that Long-tailed Tit is such a poseur...






Kahless the Blackbird

I know, not all tits, but I think the misled searchers won't care.. O:)




Over the shoulder look, dahling

Just so cute

And more

And more...

"You didn't see me, right?"

Lots of tits.


Be Seeing You...