29 April, 2020

Wandering About The Patch. Pt 1; Down South

My Patch covers a fair chunk of ground, but to be fair I can and do cover it all. On foot. Maybe not every day or even week, [[::cough cough:: year...]], but I get there.

With - at least according to the local constabulary at time of typing - driving anywhere to take your exercise 'very naughty', this has meant said Patch's further reaches getting more visited. When the usual constraints around Real Life [yes, that] allow, at least.

Thus it was that I beat my southern bounds a little while back. You may recall some pretty Willow Warbler pictures?

Yep, from here;

A footpath in the south west
of the Patch

I started at the Nose, then followed the coast south, before heading inland up my southern boundary [which is a little north of the bit where Patch Bounds hit the coast, for Technical Reasons]

You may recall I was here last year;

Looking out from Preston Down

After some more climbing, a turn, and some vexation at seemingly over the top closures of outdoor areas, I eventually got to this bit;

Oh dear, he's getting all arty again...

Well before all that, assorted other pictorial bits. Ignoring even a nodding aquaintance with temporal order...

Torre Abbey bird baths

Boo hoo

Caption competition

Real art

This takes me

Berry Head from London Bridge

Repurposed fortification;
Napoleonic cannon to
WWII machine gun

This is...

.. one of...

... my favourite...

... sections of coast path.

Back where it
[almost] began

It was a good yomp - and my feet certainly knew it! - but well-worth the effort. :)

Coming up, you may be amazed to learn, is part 2, when I went the other way, more or less, though with less time to play with I didn't get as far before fading light curtailed play.

Oh, and me actually talking a bit about birds.

Then we'll have more Bugs! and pretty flowers and things.. Ah, joy.


Be Seeing You...

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