30 September, 2020



These perhaps more properly ought to be buried in an upcoming avalanche of a post*, but I just can't do it,. Thus, here be a couple of highlights from an actual trip away from the Patch! Woo!

So, the scene is a Certain Wood on the fringe of t'Moor**, and what did the Folks and I [and that Little Black Dog] see?

[[Ok, not all see, as Her Horribleness managed to not to notice either of these! You may have twigged that fact by the other fact of my getting a photo..!]]

It was one of those lovely classic hunter's moments when a deer just stops and looks at you, side on. The wind was in our favour - both ways, so we got close and that Little Black Barking Machine didn't go off! - and we were walking in our usual quiet amble, all of which helped. Anyway, getting to it;

Roe Deer!

Quick quiet coo, a photo, and we moved on. Glorious. :D

Much less likely to run off was this, rather more brightly-coloured little thing;


This lovely little thing was sat on a gatepost. It's not in my Moff books, so I am going to have to try to find a 'what's that cattypilla' site.. :)

Mayhaps I ought to have done that before posting, but where would be the fun?

Be Seeing You...

[[*Not a gull in it, either..!!]]

[[**Not exactly rocket science, but in the upcoming post I'm not naming the site due to the vast numbers of fungus thieves 'foragers' around these days..***]]

[[***Ok, slight spoiler as to what's coming! :) ]]

29 September, 2020

All The Other Bits. Pt. 4; More From The Patch


More things from the Patch from the recent past. 

Things have not exactly gone to plan recently and this may be reflected in the delayed and disjointed nature of my blog. [[Also, dealing with the new blagger format isn't helping. And still no spellcheck*... I mean, the old one used to have one, even basic emails have one, so why can an 'improved' blog writer not??]]

Also dealing with sudden yet inevitable Technical Issues. Ah, what can you do?

Get over them, of course. Also wibble.


Anyways, getting on with it;


Bee sp. on Bramble

I like bees. :)

Speaking of, the Ivy Bees are out in numbers, but no pictures of them yet; they have all been far too busy to strike poses for me, the little scamps.


Large White  

Small White

Painted Lady





Due to Circumstances, I haven't been out often at anything like the crack of dawn, so perhaps my vismig records are a bit off, but lots of what I'm seeing is going the wrong way; well, the hirundines at least! Just Sunday, all Swallow passage [not a lot, but still] was N, as was the path of a large group - 38! - of House Martins. Mipits and finches heading the right way, as far as I can tell [largely audio].

Numbers of grounded warblers at the Nose have waxed and waned, though never in really big numbers - again a lack of fall conditions may be a factor - and with only one possible interesting one, which managed to be too elusive to nail. [[Of course...]]

Tit bands have started forming, also with 'crests, and so far I have been unable to find anything of, shall we say, an eyebrowed variety? [Unlike The Artist, again of course, but he has more time and a pet Berry Head to play with.. ::mutter mutter:: ]. Sunday also saw first Woodpig band of the season, exploding out of a very small Oak in the Ilsham Valley at my approach.

First Common Gull of the year as well as the odd Med Gull near offshore also, but nothing scarcer.

Right, pretty things!

Autumn Squill


Red Dead-nettle


Small Scabious

Whorled Mint
[stamens within flowers]

Wait a minute...

Now those can't be Crocuses, can they??!?

Be Seeing You...


[[*Now got a hardware fix for that, though it's horribly autocorrecty, the verdamnt thing...]]

26 September, 2020

More Moths. Shocking, I Know...

See moff. Photo moff. Try to ID moff. Post moff.

Rinse and repeat.

Woo, right?



L-album Wainscott

Woo. ☺

Catoptria pinella

Small Dusty Wave


[These look more like a Snout or Fanfoot, but those
central squares are so Old Lady..?!?]

Light Emerald

Early Thorn


Garden Carpet

Foxglove Pug

Cypress Pug

Double-striped Pug

Agriphila tristella

A. inquinatela

Platytes alpinella

[can't find it]

Caloptilia semifascia

Great Brocade

Parsnip Moth

Lesser Yellow Underwing

Large Yellow Underwing

Square-spot Rustic

Beautiful Plume

Coleophora vibicella?


Lots and lots of mothses there.

Be Seeing You...

23 September, 2020

Interlude. Also Choppers.

Small interlude here for Technical Reasons.

Playing with a whole setup [due to Drastic Technical Issues] of new hardware, so a small delay inevitable to posting. Not that you may have noticed, what with how things tend to get one here.. ::Ahem::

Anyways, I hope to be getting on with more Patch Stuff, Even More Patch Stuff [you may be noticing a theme..] and the Inevitable Moffs and Seasonal Funguses.

To tide you over; sometimes I see Flying Things that aren't birds and here are pictures thereof. [First attempts via all-new shiny setup! Woo]

Lynx Wildcat

Coastguard, over from Fraggle Rock

[Aerospatiale? Need to find my Jane's..]



Be Seeing You...

19 September, 2020

All The Other Bits. Part 3; Off About Places

Where to begin? How about here..


So many metaphors, so few pixels..

Starting with the ending; I went for a toddle with the Folks for the first time in aaaages.The grey skies you see there missed us, and it was actually quite nice. Like this,




We had an amble, the LBD was moving a lot better [you may recall she badly hurt her leg defending the Folks from a pack of loose dogs earlier this year], and we even had a nice coffee and flapjacks break not far from That Place you sometimes see birds beginning with H  :)


There are few bright white fungi in this country,
and as one is A. virosa, they should all be treated with caution [to say the least]
this one, however, is I think Agaricus urinascens [excellens]

Saffron Milkcap

Bolete Mould [a parastitic fungus]
[on Iodine Bolete]

Suede Bolete

Slate Bolete

Fresh slots,
[I missed the Sikas that made them, unfortunately]

Speckled Wood

Water Mint


Hoary Ragwort

Right then, to my fuming self. I steamed off and sulked decided to relocate to a more civilised and welcoming locale elsewhere in the area, where there was always the outside dim if not laughable chance of one or more of those White Storks flying past.

Picnic tables [so more facilities than either NT site] and an honesty box, which got - as a matter of principle - more than lazy moneygrubbers demanded. 

[I'm stopping now with the ranting. Honest.]

Where did I go? Well, I went here;


Mmmh, ditchy goodness

Fair view

I enjoyed the view and had lunch. I even got the place to myself for a while - shocking given the date and weather - and what did I see? A surprise! Up close, too.


She flew right into a spider's web and proceeded to hang there, munching said spider's lunch!! [Possibly the spider, too, it was hard to tell and I wasn't going to risk disturbing her by getting too close.....]

Om nom nom

Once she'd finished her lunch, the Hornet freed herself from the web with contemptuous ease, spent a couple of minutes cleaning the shreds off, then hummed [Hornets do not buzz] away.



Red Admiral on Rowan berries


 There was a fairly large hirundine passage going on, and a Clouded Yellow flew by with a very 'not stopping' air about it, but no sign of storks. Lots of Buzzards up and a couple of Ravens.  The Spitfire also put in a couple of flypasts, but too distant and high to get a decent photo.

Oh well.

After the way things started, it wasn't that bad.

What can you do, eh?

Be Seeing You...