31 May, 2019


Very short post, this.

I have seen three moths recently; one on a window, one on a wall, one on my car [wow]. With the aid of my shiny moff book I have ID'd them [I think].


Oak Nycteoline form notata

Common Pug form unicolour

Burnet Companion

Ta and indeed Da.
Three common, small, dull, and uninteresting moths. But I found them, photo'd them, and ID'd them.  So   :)
And yes, that is it.
Prettier things shall follow next month.
Be Seeing You... 

29 May, 2019

A Quick Yomp With A Surprise.

Impertinent weather and a desire to get some exercise saw me up on t' Moor on of all days a bank hollyday Monday..!

Wind and showers had indeed vastly reduced grockle numbers, though I still had to actually talk to people twice [oh, the horror....]. This despite swanning off for a quick amble up to The Man; not the most visited part of the Moor.

Yup, this one;

The Beardown Man

[Time for that Nanny Ogg quote again]

The day was rather vexed by my camera pulling a full-on screw-up, though. You may recall that some of the pictures I've been putting up recently have been a bit dark. I figured the camera had found a new way of being daft / I was shooting into the light more. Except now it's starting pulling a new trick, something far more critical. Let me show you two pictures, taken seconds apart with no change in settings - the only difference is a touch of zoom [just about 15mm of it]

Devil's Tor south
Now you see me...

...Now you don't!

Super over-exposed. Super super.. No matter how much I fiddle with the settings - and doing the reset thing - it keeps doing that with any zoom at all [and sometimes without]. It looks fine through the back, but once you hit the shutter it goes Bang!
I suspect the sensor's fancy light compensation function is fubar. Bugger and so on.


I discovered this when I tried using said camera for the first shot of the day on a lovely Redstart that popped up beside Holming Beam. Bird softly lit with dark green trees behind and even posing...  You can guess my reaction.

Yeah, quite surprised and not one teeny tiny bit happy.

Oh well, what can you do [after you've finished cursing]?

A few unzoomed shots;

The Man


Beardown north

Looking out from Devil's
towards Great Mis




Mossy Stonecrop

Fox Moth caterpillar

Looking out from Beardown
[If I could use the zoom, you'd learn that you can
see the Sub and the Froward Daymark from here]

Hmm, a post with no bird pics.. Well, I tried but no zoom =  no birdses. Unless you want that first flashed Redstart? No?

[[This, the Goddess of Birding having that sense of humour of Hers, would be the time when a line of Bee-eaters are waiting for me when I get home from work one day. Posing on a wire about 50' or so off, say. I would not be at all surprised. Not at all....]]

Assuming that doesn't happen [I'd probably combust if it did..], silly flower posting may resume shortly.

Be Seeing You...

27 May, 2019

This Is Getting Quite Annoying. But.

Normally I keep things quiet on Bank Hollyday weekends, especially ones involving school hollydays. Unless the weather behaves and I can seawatch, of course! :D

However, there are times when the weather and time of year dictates action. This being one, as I have Unfinished Business with certain checked lepidoptera... [[Yes, I sound very Kiddo when I say that]]

So, acting on gen acquired in Dorset, I toddled off to Site or sites unpublished, there to find.. Said gen was  somewhat duff. I was unamused, though not entirely unsurprised.

Still, not one to be entirely put off, there was plan B. This also was a failure in terms of my primary mission, though I did get to succeed quite wonderfully with a target of opportunity, and almost with another.

Let's not be too cryptic, I was well away from important areas, so hit the visuals, please;

Female Brimstone!!

Only the second photo [not counting in flight blurred blobs] and the first side-on.. Just look at her, look at how she looks so much like some sort of flower here.. The plant-like way her body and wing colours meet like petals and sepals...
I need to stop gushing. You get it; a big 'but' to me, at least.

And it was a snapshot, too.. :)


I'd stopped off at a new spot to have a bite and a quick look at the place. There were lots of Brimstones, plus annoyingly active Small Pearl and first Large Skipper. Also a wonderful sing-off between two Garden Warblers. Don't believe me?
They were so busy yarking away at each other across a track that one was too slow to notice the camera;

Garden Warbler!

You can just make out the grey neck patch [and lack of black cap!]

I found a spot with a view for a little skywatching - always looking out for kites, folks - and saw this

Brent Tor
In the heat haze

With slightly better conditions I could have got quite artistic, but what can you do? From another angle, I'm going to mention plugs once and say no more [aren't I nice to the uninitiated?] :)

As to raptors, well I did get a nice close flyover, but not of the red variety. It was of course;

It's always a Buzzard

Lots of insects about, including a nice hoverfly spp. that posed;

All those legs

Let's see a plant!

Yellow Archangel?

In a less sunny location, I did see and even photo a butterfly;

Speckled Wood.
Being difficult, as usual.

Nearby, someone had handily left a feeder out;

Nuthatch ssp. australis

"Got any fat blocks?"

Insert bad pun here

So, foiled but not vanquished and being out and about, I figured I'd take the scenic route home.

Very scenic, as it turned out...

It's all gone a bit blue

Emsworthy's gone all postcard


Just too pretty

Ok, that's enough of that.

I was there with purpose - yep, same head-banging exercise as last year - with the same result, too. Well, at least it was a genuine 'too early' [though they've been on the wing for nigh three weeks in Dorset...]

Here's something that did stray into view;

Another one!

Looking down,

Won't flower 'til well after the butterflies have gone

That's that DBS, btw.

Pink Purslane
[Not sure how it got up there?]

Everyone's favourite Marsh Orchid,
back again

[Thought it was a St. John's at the time,
 but only four petals..]

Not doing so well, there. Let's go back earlier, for plants I can ID [probably]


Aka Ramson


Well, my primary and secondary missions may have been epic fails, but I did get to see lots of lovely Bluebells. So that's all right.

Sort of.

Turned a 'why did I get out of bed??' into a 'Ok, that was alright'.

Then there's the Brimstone on camera and in focus! We have a 'Happy. Ish.' Probably not a bad result, all in.

But this frits business is getting to the Kentish Plover point, where I'll [when I finally succeed*] just go 'Ok, seen it, shot it, goodbye' and never bother with the spp. again.

Which isn't ideal.


Be Seeing You...

[[Oh, and if BC can pleeeease fix the security on their website so my browser will even let me look at it, they might just get a new member.

[Yes, another 'been meaning to', but the site's been effectively down for months...] ]]

[[*And yes, after I do the Dance Of Joy; I admit it :) ]]

Patch Flower Fest 1

Due to pressure of ever-mounting time and sheer weight of numbers, I'm not going to try to put a name to everything right away. Hopefully I will get around to putting this right eventually. Well, I can hope, can't I?

So, without further ado, here be many flowering plants from about the Patch. No garden plants [so any dodgy ones are proper ferals..!] unless stated [and then only Tessier, purely for the- oh, you'll see].

Lesser Periwinkle

Rough Chervil



Greater Stitchwort

This stuff

[Just 'cos they're ubiquitous,
doesn't mean they shouldn't be looked at]





Wild Clary

As I have shedloads of pictures - those pesky things keep popping up and coming into bloom - I'm going to stop here and continue in another post. Maybe two.

Be Seeing You...