29 September, 2022

Patchy Posting

I have not been idle about my Patch...

Chiffchaffs and a few Blackcaps are moving, with the odd passage of hirundines [mostly Swallows] but never in any notable numbers.
Nothing like a nice Wryneck [visibly, anyway...]

Yes, yes, ok, the Hoopoe. The actual multi-day twitchable [sort of] Hoopoe bird what could be photo'd and everything. [Sometimes. Still a Hoopoe...]
But that's a very bit of a sore spot.

I will feel better about it later.


Nuthatch in my kitchen tree.

A few Oyks at the Nose

Look away while you can;

The mandatory
great big 'orrible gull!

Much cuter;

Not quite a Greenish...

..though looking at that
supercilium, one might wonder.!

Two different birds, btw. [And I am being mischevious, before you start typing O:) ]

Action shot!

A passer-by,


And looking at insects,

Clouded Yellow

Ivy Bee

I was less happy to encounter two chaps on electric motorbikes, who seemed to think that as 'they're electric' it was ok to be burning up the Nose on them?!? I was very polite and maybe hopefully they paid attention...??
[They came in a big black 4x4 with a covered trailer, and seemed more like spoilt rich kids than the balaclava-clad chavs I've almost been run down by met on the coast path riding those things in the past... 😕 ]

Let's have something cheerier to finish on?

[let's pretend they're not
the Begbies of the bird world...]

Be Seeing You...

27 September, 2022

The Longer Revenge Post

After the Double Days' Dipping, I had Business with a couple of birds who re-emerged at similar sites across Devon last week.

[Yes, 're-emerged' as I strongly suspect the South Huish Black Tern relocated to the Dart...]

No messing about, I was straight out of work and across the county to Bere Ferrers for first thing. I went the straight way up over t'Moor, but received no birdy bonus for it, alas [worth a try].
Upon arrival I found it cold and quiet, but I had a fire inside to keep me warm and was duly rewarded with the first view of the day of the pesky Roller, at 0800 on the dot.

It was.. Not close.


Let us zoom out, so you can see what I mean;
Now, you see that T-shaped pylon,
yes? Right, look just to the left of it...

A whole heap of assorted twitchy types turned up - as if by magic - and after an hour and a half of the bird I decided to take a wander to see if a) I could flank it and get closer and b) stretch my poor legses.
I got the latter not the former.
To add to moderate vexation, I found not a sniff of anything funky on the Tavy [8 Curlew Sand were seen the day before]. But hey.

Getting back, ah look here be that Roller!

Garden Roller

Cue something quite gratuitous...

"Got to look sharp
for the cameras"

Getting the coverts out for
the twitchers...

Ok, avert thine eyes, those of a gripped disposition, this is where it really starts to get rubbed in.. [Heh heh heh]

"Ok, how's this?"

"Yikes, cloud..."

Roller onna wire.
Itsa classic.



Eventually the Roller tired of posing and I declined to go off on another Wild Roller Hunt, as I'd a) played that one before and b) had aforementioned Unfinished Business

So, to Stoke Gabriel...

Where after paying through the nose to park arriving, I found a couple of familiar-looking birders who were just giving up, having zipped over after much less Roller than me.


Ah, it seemed not only had they had no sign but 'It wasn't here yesterday, either and one's at Slapton'....

Oh naughty words.

But I was there and I had paid thr and it was lunchtime...

I toddled out along the shoreline to Mill Point, home of the new yacht club [reachable almost only by water, proper job] and had a look at the Dart ria [it's not an estuary].

Oh hello..


With fish!

Nice start.

I set up the Big Scope and got to scanning.

Looking down to [Upper] Dittisham.*

Very soon, a bouncy little shape cruised through my field of view.

Oh there's the Black Tern.

Well off, alas, and it seemed to sense my camera and rapidly buggered off back downstream [it was loitering about the wide bit off Galmpton, it seems].

I did hit it;

Black Tern, juvenile.

You can see how grey it looks and the contrasting saddle. Honest.

With BHG

Note larger, whiter BHG with less angled wings. [Also tending to fly higher over the water]

More BHGs, [to show that yes that is a BHG and how white they look in said circumstances],

Actual finding of own food..!!

A Kingfisher flew right over my head and eluded the camera with loud glee, but someone at least knew how to pose;

Common Sand

Nothing like a little Middle
Devonian marine volcanics 

The tern was showing no sign of coming back, and the tide was rising [you can get nicely cut off in full view of everyone** there, be advised] so I wandered back, took a stroll about StG, which is a far nicer place to visit than BF [having actual shop, open pubs, and public*** loos.. Gasp!]
[I would advise anyone wanting to look for said bird to invest in a kayak - which is how The Boss got his photos, btw - as you can get to all the bits you can't see from dry land without much travelling, also the seals.]

While I would pay for my vengeance - losing the end of the day and all the next, pretty much, to my head - it was worth it.

Oh, it was worth it!


Be Seeing You...

[[* Knowing how to pronounce that is a shibboleth. Also, fond memories of sore feets, there, back in the Innocent Days Of Yore.... ]]
[[** Ie. you get wet feet and politelynotlaughedat, but not needing the RNLI ]]
[[*** As opposed to private loos, which you have to pay for. ]]

26 September, 2022

Revenge..... REVENGE!!!!!!!

Something more coherent will follow, with even more horrific pictures, but right now [yes, now; this was frickin' Friday here...] I have to actually get a vague semblence of a post up.

You will recall I suffered a double days' dipping not long ago.

I swore revenge.

Two graves were duly dug, and two birds have been stuffed in them [alive and kicking heh heh heh....]

Here's the first;

The Ayatollah

Slightly better views than the Camborne one..??

I will

Be Seeing You...

22 September, 2022

Out For A Walk

A delayed [lot of that going around] trip originally intended for the middle of the week before, but hey nm, eh?

I went up to Fur Tor.
It was all sunny and fluffy cloudy, warm Sun balanced by cool N wind - which went around to NW once I'd sat down for lunch, natch - and squishy but not splashy underfoot.
Not bad conditions at all, in other words.
Though far far too many people thought so, too. Suppose it was a sunny BH weekend, but still...
[[Yes, yes, I'm an antisocial git...]] 

Hit the pics;

After making the NW Passage,
this sight rolls up before you.

Rewinding a touch,

Just add Mammoths...

Compare this to the pic of the same view I took on my last wander this way...

Gt. Mis, Gt. Staple, Roos, White Tors

Actually visible now.

Speaking of things seen,

Spot the Wheatear!

Still one up there.

Count the Goldfinches!

When heading to Fur Tor from Postbridge, you must climb a hill that has no official name, but does have a rather healthy dose of steepness. I amuse myself to call it Pride. Why? Always a bar-steward to get over, and, as everyone knows, Pride goeth before a [water]fall....

[Oh dear oh dear oh dear....]


The Waterfall, still in Summer mode.

Where you might meet;

"Don't. Just, don't"
Grey Wagtail

Closer to said 'bridge,

Devil's-bit Scabious

[No Marsh Frits - yet - though...]

Let's have some more scenery, again far less white than last time!

Hare, Sharp, Gt. Links Tors

Not too shabby a view for lunch?

Be Seeing You...

20 September, 2022

Double Days' Dipping. Pt.2, A Long Stint For Very Little

After my vexation in the South, news of a Roller in Devon, showing off like you wouldn't believe, had me joining The Teacher and No.1 Son on a mad twitch off West....

The bird in question had vanished an hour before we got there, but it had to be about somewhere, and even if it was elusive in the day, it always turned back up in Bere Ferrers village centre in the evening.





So we dipped horribly, and in no way alone.

[There were a few 'oh was that it?'s and 'it was up there a second ago's, but nothing provable.*]

Some scenery,
Scarlet Pimpernel found,
turquiose one... not so much
 Looking up?

Soaring Sprawk 1

Soaring Sprawk 2

Wandering all over the shop, finding vast tracts of Roller habitat [you could easily sustain a full breeding population here...] but no Roller, eventually something caught the attention of the 10's of thousands of pounds' worth of optics being toted...


Dunlin [l] and Little Stint [r]

On the far shore, left of centre.


There were an amazing three Little Stints, with 7 Dunlin and 5 Ringed Plover [also a Blackwit on the other bank - not talking to the smalls!]. Very much at scope range.

So, flown off?
Nope, showed again next morning. Then nothing.

A consequence of my delay in typing this is knowing that the fracking bird is still there, and has been tarting about at point-blank range again this very day.

I'm too annoyed even to swear.

I have more and less dippy posts to come, so I shall

Be Seeing You...

[[* Worse, I was one of them... Very brief glimpse of something Jackdaw-sized and Roller-shaped with a flash of turquoise, but not enough to be sure. {The eye plays tricks}    Oh, the pain. ]]

16 September, 2022

Patch Patrolling. Also Clennon.

Finding myself in the deep south - well, The Artist's patch - I wandered back north up the Bay to Home.

Starting at Clennon, where, well, lookit!

Spotted Flycatcher!

Two for one day on them!


I'd taken some lunch along and sat myself down by the top pond, in very vain hope of an insanely early siberian warbler sp. of some sort.. [What? If you don't look....]. I wasn't expecting anything much, so two Spot Flys messing about was such a treat. Though getting them sat still long enough to get a pic was.. Interesting.


Common Darter

Very common

coming out of eclipse

Little Grebe and Kingfisher on the ponds, a couple of regular-flavour Chiffs by them.

Heading north, most - ok all - of the interest was on the shore / off it.

Marauding packs of Turnstones
mug unwary grockles...

"Your sammiches or
your face..."


A gull or two




22 Turnstones, 62 Med Gulls [and 120 BHGs] loitering at Preston, with at least as many again offshore messing about the flotsam and jetsam [the gulls, not the Turnstones]

Couple of Gannets
 out there, also.

More Meds at Torre Abbey, too.

Thus, I suspect, the major dissonance in numbers of Meds passing at Hope's Nose vs Berry Head.!

Be Seeing You...