01 May, 2020

Moffs And Spiders And Bugs, Oh My!

News from today first - yes, yes...  shock, horror, what madness is this?!? - with staring out the canteen window at lunchtime striking again! My third Hobby from work [so that's about one every three years!] came through, flying very neatly across the [rather brisk] wind at what would have been a not-too-bad range if I'd been able to have a camera with me.. Oh well, what can you do? :)

The rest of this post is another medly, I'm afraid..

I have only found two moffs so far this year, so this bit will be short;

I think this is a very worn
Mottled Pug

Micro spp.

Assorted spiders have felt showier,

Zebra Jumping Spider

Woodlouse-eating Spider!

Grabby Spider!

Webby Spider!


Speckled Wood

Small Tortoiseshell

The odd one posed, at least.

Buff-tailed Bumblebee

Solitary Bee spp.

Great Black Slug

These abound at the Nose.

Also more bugses..

Common Green Shield Bug


Hoverfly sp.

Hoverfly sp.

Pond Skater

Grass Snail!

Bee sp.!!!

Female Bee-fly,
applying mud to egg bundle!

Bee sp.

Bumblebee sp.

Gotta have a beetle

C'est Ça.

EDIT: As I seem to be unable to reply to comments for some reason [well done there, gaggle], I can say that "Yes, I have; many of those up there are from said Nose". Post about birds is coming 'soon', no, really.

Be Seeing You...

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