30 May, 2020

A Grand Day Out. Pt.2; Pretty Little Things And Massive Erections

First of all...

Get your filthy minds out of the gutter. For shame.

This is a theoretically family-friendly blog.

Having said that, I did - after taking a very scenic trip across Middle England - come across a couple of impressive human-made structures.

Yeah, I'm going there.

All shiny and cleaned,
Cerne Abbas Giant

Yes, this is what I did after I'd spent a happy [well, when I wasn't trying to photo it in flight..] couple of hours cooing over the wonderful Collared Pratincole up on Severnside. I was already waaay up North [to us], so I figured I might as well keep going, right?

After an interesting trip across some bits I'd not crossed before - highlight not one but TWO DeLoreans!! Under their own power!!! And one was a Time Machine!!!! [Great Scott!].. Ahem - I was hoping for a Marsh Fritillary, or at least a Duke or two, and assorted other short grass spp.

Rather scenic

 That one taken during a cooling off break, as I got very hot [that site has amazing shelter, perhaps not a surprise] and oh, but I got MF, too...

Marsh Fritillary

The first butterfly I saw on the hillside! This is the first one I've ever had the chance of shooting, too.
[No, not at all smug]

Slightly more contrastingly marked

The Marshies were notably less contrasty and bright than the [pictures of] the ones in Devon. Possibly due to being raised on plants grown on chalk, not proper 'ard rocks?

Almost like a 'proper' one

Striking a pose

And another Marsh Frit

Yes, each photo is a different insect!

Just glorious.

Final Frit

There were heaps of other butterflies, too... [Oh yes, he is]

Dingy Skipper

Another angle

Third one

Grizzled Skipper

Look at the electric blue hairs!

Large Skipper

Moth spp.
[I can't find this in Micro or Macro]

Small Copper

Speckled Wood

Cinnabar Moth

Green-veined White

Common Blue

Also a Common Blue

Also Large White, Brimstone, Small Heath, the Duke. [Adonis Blue reported but not seen by me]

Birds are required;

Yellowhammers in good voice

Grey Wagtail

Time was meandering on, and I was out of water, so I toddled back to my li'l car - seeing yonder wag from the bridge - and then home? Well, not yet. Being in the area, I couldn't not drop by Maiden Castle to yeartick Corn Bunting... :)

A small bit of Maiden Castle,
a truly massive erection of earthern ramparts
[[what did you think the title meant???]]

In that brown bit..
Stock Doves [at least 9]

Corn Bunting

Showing very well


Cracking day.


Be Seeing You...

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