10 May, 2020

Puppy Dog Tails

There's nothing like a little rain, or indeed just damp darkness, to bring the molluscs out. Here are a few I've zapped recently!

Oh joy....


"Wait..where's the leaf?!?"

Swearing in Snail is a drawn-out affair...


Garden Terror!

I think this might be a 
Brown-lipped Snail
[Don't know why...]



The fastest snail in all of Mexico

Another bashful individual.
Garlic Snail, maybe

Big brown slug...

Not all black ones at the Nose. [Yes, technically this is a brown Great Black Slug, but that's less funny]

The Leopard Slug

Most slugs are bashful and require damp nights to come out. So I resorted to a torch and turned on the flash...

Bourguignat's Slug?

Small slug
[that's a mealworm in front]

Another slug

Shy slug

Just had a nice dip slug

Ok, that's quite enough of that...

Be Seeing You...

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