18 May, 2020

Hearken Well

The rain lashes a line of brollies, made of the hides of what animal no-one dares ask; beneath grizzled warriors sit. The headland they are gathered on shudders under the force of the storm, but they are unbowed, knuckles white as they hold their shelters from the hungry wind. Their weapons are things of legend, bearing dread runes such as Swarovski, Zeiss, and Leica upon their battle-scarred sides...

[[Oh come on, where did you think I was going?]]

One speaks, and asks the question traditional at such gatherings;

"What is best in life?"

A pause, also traditional.

"A Gyrfalcon, white as driven snow."
Says one.

This is met with, "Escaped, it's got a transmitter"
and, "Look at those coverts, it's clearly a Saker hybrid"

None will mention seabirds, not this day when even the Gannets are staying in bed.

"Wallcreeper, right behind you"

Nobody falls for it.

The next reply of "Bee-ea-AArghGKGKkkhh...."
was cut off by his own tripod.

Finally, the one who definitely doesn't look like the ex-governer of california spoke;
"To hear the Wood Warbler, see it display before you, and have it posing nicely for photos"

There was a chorus of assent [and a dying gargle..]

"That is good, that is good"

It is, too;

Oh hell yes.

And with all the bling, too.

In a world seemingly full of worry, stress, let-downs, dips, and yet more BLEEP you don't need, some things, at least, are still wonderful.

Longer post to come, with some very nice photos and a First For The Blog! [Oooooh!]

Also some shorter stuff.


Be Seeing You...

[[No Barbarian Birders were harmed in the typing of this post..]]

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