07 May, 2020

Bits. Assorted.

While I'm actually posting things, here's a few bits I prepared earlier;

Most trips out and about don't get fancy sightings or whatever. This is perhaps not evident when blog posts naturally gravitate towards interesting things - I mean, how many of you want to read 'I went out to the usual places, saw the usual standards and failed again to get any yearticks, let alone that Black-shouldered Kite we all dream of'...??? - but yes, lots of this for a very little that. That's how it works [well, unless you're a Superhero or something...]

Still, sometimes standard species give you something. And this time of year, there's often someone showing off noisily. Sometimes you can even see them do it! Unsurprisingly, most of these are at / near the Nose. But not all. Can you guess which?

Singing Bullfinch

Ok, Bullfinches are very pretty standards.. :)

Singing Greenfinch

Singing Song Thrush

I'm starting to suspect a pattern...

Singing Blackcap

Singing Raven

Singing Cirl Bunting


Singing Lesser Black-backed Gulls!


Those last most interesting, it seems we may have LBBs breeding, or trying to, here..??

These buggers definitely breed...

Speaking of breeding...

Pied Wagtail

Ubiquitous, mobile, vocal. Right little buggers to shoot*, but oh so pretty.

Be Seeing You...

[*Get one fully sharp, I dare you]

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