27 May, 2020

A Grand Day Out. Pt. 1; Roadrunner Of The Sky

Missing the Devon Collared Pratincole of recent years hurt, as only a Lifer in your home county can. Ah, the Joy of Work. [Yes, yes, could be worse, stop moaning etc. etc....]

So, when news broke of one distant but in reach and more importantly actually sticking around, I ummed for a few microseconds, then very bravely waited until the wind was [forecast, at least] to ease off to go after it. I did wait on news - tart that I am - but positive news = can't see me for dust.

I was almost as fast as this!
Collared Pratincole.

Yes, that shot again. I like it. :)

Told you I had sharper ones

Didn't promise better

Or did I?

Maybe should have led with this?

Or this?

Against a green background

'The speed of a Swift, the agility of a Swallow', or 'Cross a Nightjar with a pterodroma'.. You get the idea. Wonder to watch [especially when it shoots past you over the levee at grass-cutting height, maybe 8m away!], nightmare to photo in flight. What a bird.

Pilning Wetland from the levee

A bridge

Another bridge

Common Mallow


Having travelled on first news, even after a couple of hours with the bird [and a nice stroll down from Aust Warth] I had half a day to play with. Oh, what to do...??

Hmm, date, weather, social distancing..

Oh, I've got an idea!

Coming up;

A Grand Day Out Pt. 2; Pretty Little Things And A Great Big Tonker

Be Seeing You...

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