25 May, 2020


Why is the Backward Birder so happy?

Vengeance is a dish best served sun-blasted [I've already used that as a post title, unfortunately], and I just served up some more.


Most photogenically;

Marsh Fritillary

Oh. Hell. Yes.

After years of trying, including six [six] trips to Emsworthy last year, I finally connected camera with Marsh Frit. And how.

Also more expected spp., such as

Dingy Skipper

Though His Grace was feeling bashful - one glimpse, no shots - plenty of others weren't, as shall be seen in a future post. It was, to be fair, mid-late afternoon, though [go in the moring for the Duke].

Why did it take me so long to get to C.A.? No, not roadworks and tractors and people who can't drive [though plenty of all about....]. No.

The reason was that my morning was taken up with some other vengeance. Getting back a very painful hole [sort of] from not so long ago.

I speak of this here Great Winged Terror;


What do you get if you cross a Nightjar with a pterodroma??

You get a Pratincole.


Yes, that shot is so blurred, but a) it was that fast, and b) well, if you know pratincole ID, you know why it's there. :)

I do have sharper pics, and more will be revealed later.

Oh, ok, here's a slower one;

Collared Pratincole

It did stop. Sometimes.


Be Seeing You...

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