20 May, 2020

Creatures Of the Night

Warm not too windy weather at this time of year gets me thinking - now we're allowed to - of heading off to That Place* to seek nocturnal things, now greatly assisted by my lovely bat detector. :)

So, the weather was pretty much ideal, with just enough breeze to keep the midgies down. I arrived within 10 minutes of sunset and as soon as I opened the door of my ickle car I heard churring. Good start.

Sunset, Somewhere in Devon

I counted three possibly four churring males, and got some very nice views as one came over to see what this thing on his territory was..  :D

I even got some flight shots [though despite much effort, no perched ones, alas], though no close ones as getting the camera, even in Night Mode to lock on required multiple seconds and close Nightjars are just too fast!


Spot the Nightjar

Another pass

No, I couldn't see him, either

After he'd gotten bored with close flypasts and hidden churring, I moved on about the area, trying to get a count of churring males. Three going at once, but I reckon there were almost certainly four, fairly well spread out.

With increasing darkness came the chance of bats, [often glimpsed in past visits] and I eventually detected a Common Pipistrelle - though never saw it - but only the once.

My trip home was eventful, with a female Roe Deer in the road! Come across as she was just about to finish crossing, but turned back into the road when my headlights hit her?!? Really not the expected behaviour [freeze or leap away being more usual]. Quite an interesting moment, as with no chance of stopping, I had to slalom around said deer whilst sincerely hoping it didn't move any more!

Then right on Patch Bounds, two Badgers crossed in front of me, nose to tail! :)

Fun and games.

Be Seeing You...

[[*Breeding Species etc. etc.]]

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