18 May, 2020

Another Perambulation.

Overtaken by events, here's one I wrote most of earlier..

Because if I can't yomp about up on t'Moor I'm going to do it somewhere.

[I need it for physical and especially mental health, you see.]

So, not going out on the sunny day of the weekend, oh no.

Overcast and a bit of mistyfog early on even? Maybe a tern or two might come on down and fish in the Bay? Worth a punt. Also time for ambling about the Patch in a [probably possibly vain attempt to get away from the hordes even for a few minutes...]]

I covered even more ground than my last trip South, though with far fewer Willow Warblers but [as I've already let on] something much Darker and Faster. But that is to come.

It's that tree again...

Things started as per usual over at the Nose, because it's required.

Wryneck Run

Looking along the Mounds towards the Toe. The main path is hidden to the left, the Sole path is off to the right, and between - in front here - is the Wryneck Run. A little path which twists and undulates across the Mounds. It is full of hidden holes - some you can fit a whole leg in - and usually mined with Great Black Slugs and Extra Crunchy Snails, but walking it is the best way to find a Wryneck at Those Times Of Year.

99 out of 100 you don't, and if you're not careful it's Air Ambulance time [ask JR...], but that's birding.

This time I was first one there, but all I found were these two;


They circled in annoyance [to be fair, they flushed from out of sight], but assorted fishermen weren't far behind me..

Insetad of Blobs On Ore Stone,
Blobs On Sea!

You can jussst see Berry Head

Not exactly balmy sunshine, but never mind, eh?


Hello, Crow,
whaddya know?

Thatcher Rock from the other side

Still Purple Sands,
well, 4 of them at least.


Damp 'art'

The council loves spending millions of our quids on stuff like this...

Lesser Black-backed Gull
One of a displaying pair

Looking over Hollicombe towards that pier thing

Yup, still quite gunky..

"I'm staying in here, mate"

"I ain't afraid of no drizzle"
15 there, plus at least 7 about the Harbour.

Devon Lane in late Spring

Having counted Turnstones and still not found a Patch heron [of any spp.] this year, I turned inland. There's always a new flower coming out.

There are flowers in that photo.. ;)

Bush Vetch

Wood Avens


No, it's not stuffed, this one actually posed like this.....

You think it's happy to be freed from all those Brambles?

Definitely Devon


The [brighter than it looks, sometimes] overcast belied a small but steady passage of hirundines and the odd Swift - my first of the year - and the Skylarks sang in their inimitable style :)

Also this guy



Greener rolling countryside

Weeping Willow

Dryad's Saddle

ID Challenge;
Shag or Cormorant?

Yes, I'd looped back to the sea and followed the coast homewards.
I finally saw some terns - a couple of Sarnies off Livermead - but photo attempts were failures.

Oh well, it was a good walk.

Be Seeing You...

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