15 May, 2020

Beep! Beep!

Finished work today and I was like the Roadrunner... . .  .  .  .   .    .       .       .          .             .            .

[Ok, the 'driving in a safe and legal manner' Roadrunner... Ahem.]

Wonder what was on my mind?

Female Little Bittern!!!!

Not just a year tick, a Devon Tick.


Observe and marvel at...

..All. That. Neck!!


"Call yourself 'Little'...??"

That is one little bittern.

Utterly adorable. Brilliant. Gorgeous.


The setting.
Radford Lake,
viewed from the ruins


Then it was on to Wembury Point on the off-chance the Woodchat Shrike was still feeling visible.

That bit.



Theorising that the shrike might have gone off downhill out of the wind - to where the last one I saw there was even - I spent a fair amount of time looking. I found no shrikes, but a few things that sat still long enough to photo;

Small White

Small Copper

Speckled Yellow

Moth I will ID later


Lots of them about, but that one.. Well, just look at it.


Be Seeing You...

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