07 May, 2020

Double Ds And The Magnificent Seven

Today's news!!


So, with news breaking yesterday of a Hooooooopoe bird on the very very edge of the Patch, I took an entirely reasonable variation on my commute home this afternoon, on the hundred to one shot it might still be a) in the area and b) feel like showing.

I wasn't expecting anything, but then... what's this? A pinky brown over black and white bird sat on the central crash barrier of the A380?!?!? No, it couldn't be...

It wasn't.
It was a BLEEEEPing Jay.

Way to toy with my poor blood pressure, there.

So, I get home and almost as soon as my phone is on [no phones at work or, of course, while driving!] I get a text from the Adder Man; Whinchat at the Nose!

Time for some exercise!!!!

I peg it over there and find....


Stonechats, Whitethroats [:)], Rockits, Robins.... Not a sniff of an Eyebrowed One.  Ton of people, many of them 'courting couples' as they used to say in my youth. Many very well placed to keep any little birds from showing, too.

I know it's not their fault, they didn't have a clue what they were doing - one lad even asked if I was ok as I stood looking over the edge of the quarry in a vain hope it was hiding there! [Both reassuring and worrying, depending on how you look at it..] - but arrrghh.

Without checking back, I've seen I think 2 Whinchats at the Nose. They're rarer than Groppers!

Double Dip Day.
Drat and of course Double Drat.
Ah well, what can you do?

Then, as we were all [we're a Happy Valley] out applauding the NHS, what comes screaming out of the skies to join in?

Seven Swifts!

There may have been more, but 7 in one group was pretty pleasing to my eyes and ears.  :D

[Ok, then someone lets off an almightily huuuuge rocket and they scarper... ::Sighs::]

At some point in the future, there will even be some moderately awful pictures!



Be Seeing You...

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