14 July, 2022


Inter still missioning, but I feel the inspiration to let you know I aten't dead [yet] and that I found something lovely this week.

Old Lady

Moths and their names...

'She' is huge and sneaky and wonderful and very three-dimensional;

Look at that thorax!

Shots taken one-handed when I found out the leaf stuck to the rim of the old planter I use to refill the birdbath in my building's Italian garden was no such thing.!!

The moth smooshed itself in like that*, it was perfectly fine and effortlessly eluded me when I [very reluctantly] turfed it off to do said water-addition. I didn't dare put the thing down in case the moth flew [rightly suspecting I'd lose it] and so dug my camera out of my pocket and zapped away.

See how it looks much greyer from above and browner from behind? Not a camera artefact!

Glorious glorious moth.


At some point I shall

Be Seeing You...

[[* The book says they're quite (in) famous for hiding away in nooks and crannies by day. No kidding. There are three pots on top of that one [keep stray leaves etc. out] ]]

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