25 July, 2022

Oh Noes. Pt. 1, Torture

Mothfrenzy begins.....

I suppose those dratted pugs need to be got on with...

Double-striped Pug

Wormwood Pug

Pug 3

Pug 4
[Another Doublestripe..]

Plain Pug?

Pug 6

Cloaked Pug

Pug 8

Juniper Pug,
melanic form

Pug 10

Possibly a worn Pimpinel Pug?

Foxglove Pug

Common Pug, form unicolour,
with a Yellow Shell

Wait.. You want me to ID them all?!?!???

[[Correctly???? ::Falls about laughing:: ]]

Well, reader, I gave it a go.

But even I have my limits.

Just assume they're all 'generic common pug'.  [Most of them are Double-stripes, I think....]

Anyways, enough about them.

Be Seeing You...

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