06 May, 2024

So Cute

Arachnophobes should note that this beauty could comfortably sit on the nail of your little finger.

Everyone else, go "Awwwwwwww";

Heliophanus cupreus

I believe it is important, when yearlisting an area, to cover as much of that area as possible.
So when doing Devon, you should get up North and over East and out West and down South.

Thus I was somewhere I've not been for a while - though I am rather fond of it - to definitelynotchasesomeoneelse'sbird seek interesting birds, both on land and at sea. I may even have succeeded.

More on this will follow, after I've, ah, posted about all the other stuff. [Not least the importance of looking at what you can see.*]

I will be doing this. Honest.

I'm not spending all my online time over There.

Not all of it.


Be Seeing You...


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