29 May, 2024

What Did The Sun Bring?

Off tarting about looking for butterflies and so on.

Well, reader, I found a few;
Nectaring on Bluebell
Or basking on the ground

Pearl-bordered Fritillary!

Two sites, plenty out at both, though not quite last year's numbers.

Very rarely a
Green Hairstreak will
sit still in the right spot...

Brown Silver-lines

Lots of moths, too.

Paraswammerdamia nebulla

Speckled Yellow

And spiders!

Heliophanus cupreus

Running Crab Spider sp.

Flavous Nomad Bee

My first photo'd nomad species.  😁

A slightly dazed Mud Dweller*,
which mistook my windscreen
 for a pond...

*Yes, really. They like stangnant shallow muddy habitats.

But the starts were the frits [of course]

An entirely arthropodical post.!

Oh, the scandal.

Be Seeing You...

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