20 May, 2024

More Filler. No Killer.

I'm still here, still working on it, but I can report I have finally been able to string more than two words together on a keyboard and am making some progress on getting the blog back up and running in something approaching the usual style.

No, not 'three weeks behind and crap', stop that.

Anyways, here's yet another random photo to put up for the thumbnail;

Spoonbill rates 
'Backward Birding'

[[That pic was an accident; I was trying to get a sharp shot of an awake - shock - Spoonbill and..Well. I wasn't going to put it online, either, but, well.... I blame the heat.]]

Posting will happen.
Just not today.

Maybe tomorrow.

Be Seeing You...

Ok, maybe the day after, we'll see how it goes.

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