02 May, 2024

More Trees

Last weekend saw not so much birding done [tut] but I got out again and once the clouds got bored with raining sideways at me and buggered off, it wasn't bad.!

What pic to put up first for that thumbnail...

Hmm, how about this one?

Oh noes, he's getting
all arty again...

There is a Garden Warbler in this picture, but I'll be amazed if you can see it [I had enough trouble..]

By far the most populous warblers - and also the most visible - were again these things;

Hawthorn Warbler


But I did mention trees, so here are some more;

Sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy.

Wood Sorrel

Inevitable grainy bird shots,


Mistle Thrush


Flied Pycatcher

They are everywhere.


Never mind ID the moth,
spot the moth?!?


Wood Mouse!

Two Bank Voles also broke cover in my sight, but were too quick for the camera. Only the open road let me get this [and yes, it did dive down the drain..]

Lots of pictures, few words. What can you do?

Be Seeing You...

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