09 May, 2024

Persistence. Pt.1, Tarting About The Dart

Having some holiday to 'use or else', I picked making the May Day bank hollyday a nice long one. It's usually a good time of year for Swifties at least, so what the hell.

The Dart is well-named, for much of it is wooded, and Oak wooded at that. I've been spending a while in such areas, as spiring-arriving birdies are, well, arriving. Some are more helpful that others, especially when it comes to posing for the camera [little darlings]. Same goes for other flying things, such as our title pic;

Yes, it's a bad picture

But it is a picture of a male Brimstone, in flight, taken from across the Dart.
Oh yes.

Only once ever has a Brimstone been helpful - and I had to wade through brambles to get an angle, even then - they are almost as bad as Orange-tips...


Also Yellow,

"What are you looking at?"

A current theme,

Oh noes, another beetle...

The Dart was friskier
than previously

Mallards fear no rivers

Though he was working very hard for very little progress...

More progress was had by a certain 'orrible dog, who managed to not only purloin a flapjack on a nice afternoon by said river, but also slobber me right in the face..  😧 Arg.

And on that terrible note, I shall

Be Seeing You...

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