Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The Long Weekend

Was shocking in the amounts of sunshine. I mean, wasn't the weather looking? Not one but two bank holidays should mean downpours of an epic nature, wind, hail, low-flying trees.....

My attempts to find sexy migrants on Patch proved unsuccessful [oh, there's a shock], and so I put my energies into taking care of various Things that needed Doing. As this included making Eostre Cupcakes for the Family, this wasn't all bad.

I have been out and about - I couldn't resist the lure of Yarner and Trendlebeare before the leaves filled out - and I got a yomp up on t'Moor in, too.

My Yarner time was limited, and there were lots of people about, so it wasn't super birdy. I heard both Pied Flycatcher and Redstart singing, but saw neither! :( I did see a very nice Tripit - which as ever dodged the camera - and my attempts at seeing flypast migrants gave a few Swallows and House Martins, if not the hoped-for kite [we'll say nowt about storks... ::Muttermutter::]

Greening up


It's Tough To Be A Buzzard..

Yesterday I left just before certain news broke [but of course] and so was not zooming up to Wombleball for a lovely Lifer, oh no.

So it was that in blissful ignorance I toddled about the western Moor, and I did see many many Wheatears! Not a huge distance, but a few nice climbs [ie. exactly and precisely judged to fall just short of giving me a coronary. Oh dearie me...]

Pictures pretty;

A Pretty View From Cox Tor

Another Pretty View

Looking Thattaway From White Tor

Now Where's All Those Kites At?

"No mate, I can't see any, either"

I really don't know why it's got that name..

The Langstone
[That name makes sense!]

Langstone Moor Circle

Oooh! Lookit!

Didn't expect to see this little lady, though perhaps I should have, given past history.

Great Staple in the sunshine.

Despite the cold wind, the sun - when it showed - was warm. Eventually the clouds had had enough and wandered off, leaving a glorious evening of golden sunshine. A passing Kite [[ok, ok, that was the last time]]  would have been lit beautifully, but no joy. A very distant soaring raptor was not a Buzzard, but that's the closest I got. Drat.
On the plus side, all that skywatching - lurking along the Moor's edge was not a co-incidence - did get me my first Swift of the year [as well as lots of Buzzards and Ravens].

Be Seeing You..

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