Wednesday, 9 August 2017

And Now For Something Else.

A weekend spent not birding.

[[Beware, gratuitous moaning follows]]

Saturday saw me dealing with the consequence of the cost of Wednesday.

You see, as I did not mention - in so many words - in my post below, there was a late spoiler to the day. To whit, my hat.

Yes, the one in my description, as invariably seen upon my bonce when it isn't very cold. Green, wide of brim and manky of look, more than a decade old. I was very fond of that hat, as you may have guessed, and now it is no more.
How so?

Getting in late from all the fun at the Nose, I had things to do before heading to work, one of which being scattering the worms for the Blackbirds [well, more the Magpies, but the Blackbirds get some] on my balcony. This time, it being rather rainy, I plonked my hat on my head, but being in a rush I neglected to put the strap down, and the wind cackled and plucked it away off and out into space...

It fell, missing a tree, into the road. You will be unsurprised to learn that I was not amused and may have said some very naughty words indeed.
I pegged it down, hoping it was lying soggy in a gutter, but expecting it to have been run over at least once - well, the plastic bits would break but they could be replaced - only to find neither situation was the case.

It was gone. Someone had, in the less than 2 minutes it took me to get there, crossed the road, picked up a wet manky green hat, and walked off with it. Most likely they saw it fall, may well have heard me swear, and they took it anyway.

Polite printable words fail the situation.

What's with the fuss? You may ask. It's just a hat, you may say.

True. But this is a hat bought from a shop that no longer exists, which I've spent years getting just right for its job, and which meant quite a lot to me. Sentimental value and all that. And as a day spent scouring the nearest metropolis revealed, you can't find its like.

The closest I could get, in terms of all its qualities, was perhaps a Tilley hat, but even they fail to meet all the criteria [a hat with holes a frickin' horsefly could get through - let alone a midgie or 500 - is no good against insects, let alone the rain. And for what, £70?!? Ye Gods, who do they think they are??].
I eventually found something, which has mesh-covered holes in it, and isn't wide enough, and is too lightweight, but well... It'll have to do for now.

[]Moan over.]]

Sunday was a lovely day with the extended family, who were down to visit. We had a nicpic by some water, then a little toddle, and fun was had by all. I even saw some birds, but the good ones [and there were a couple] were unshootable, not least due to having hands full of adorable niece when the best one flew right over.. ::Helpless shrug::


Very scenic

Caddis Flies like coffee, too

Myself: "Look, do you know what that bird is? It's a Buzzard"
Adorable neice, comparing BOC with life: "A Buzzard"
Outraged sister: "Don't turn my daughter into a birdwatcher!!"

True excerpt.
::Innocent smile::

Closer to Home:
Well, Summer is Over, as the Swifts have gone. :(  Main body went on Monday, with the stragglers on Tuesday.

Also, the Greenfinches have been really hitting those poor innocent sunflower seeds, and this week I caught a few in the act;


"No, I'm a Rosefinch! Really!"

Just look at the contrast between the primaries
and the tertials and coverts

Lots of Greeeenfinches!

That's all, folks.

Be Seeing You..

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