07 January, 2010

Just a quickie

Bird Wars continue today - with male Blackcaps taking the fight out into the street! One chased the other right up the line of front gardens [which are all of 8 foot deep] to the end of the terrace and away. I think he might mean business...!

In other news, the Backwater had a Smew [albeit briefly]. I'm not jealous. Really. Not a bit.

Oh who am I kidding? I LOVE Smew - they're easily my favourite wildfowl. I used to have a very strict 2 hour birding radius [in an attempt to avoid spending hundreds and hundreds of pounds chasing birds the length and breadth of the country], but I broke it purely to go up to CWP, get extremely muddy, fall over a couple of times [that clay they have up there's very slippery you know!], and see those most adorable of ducks. I don't mean to sound like a teenage girl gushing over Jared Leto, but they're just soooooo cute..........


Well, hopefully by Saturday the huge chunks of ice which have formed on my car will have melted enough for me to go and have a look for her. If not I'll just have to walk down to the shore and stare forlornly out to sea....

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