01 October, 2010

Being Good

Is a two-edged sword...

This week I have been good. Yesterday and today, for example, instead of running off after work chasing birds I was responsible and did things that needed to be done. [Ok, you could argue chasing birds needed to be done - especially Barred frickin' Warblers, nigh certain twilight dip though it would have been...]. Meanwhile, Joe "Spending October in Detention" Ray spent all his money and skived off school for two long-range twitches. Go look at his blog [yes, he's updated it! ::Gasp!::] and see. He got Alder Fly, Little Bunting, Buff-breasted Sands, rostrata Redpoll, Tysties, Golden and White-tailed Eagles, and he's gutted. No pleasing some people, I tell you.. ;)

Enough with the teasing, time for a very quick update; the original Grey Seal [big all grey one] was in the river on the flood tide [tide went up and stayed up!], a Grey Wag came over to have a look at us, also a 1w Little Grebe showed well; coming past very quickly! Lots of assorted detritus was washed downstream, but no lost seabirds came upstream - with the skua-fest at Berry today, you'd have thought one of the Arctics would drop by to annoy the BHGs... Oh well. Having believed the forecast, I decided not to go for Berry after work - as it happens I'd have had maybe an hour before the sun came out, so perhaps I made the right choice??!?? Certainly the sunshine has toned down the rant I was working on on my way home ['Phew!' I hear] and I shall limit myself to asking why so many people insist on backing out into the road?? You reverse in and drive out - its far far safer and kinder on your engine, for that matter. Today a woman in a black Disco almost reversed into my side coming out of her drive... [Yes, you read right; not out in front of me, but into my side as I passed!] It's pure laziness!
Ok, rant over.

Hmm, now then - the weekend looks interesting, doesn't it?

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