11 February, 2011


Apologies for the title, but I can't help the feeling that Spring has sprung. It's the Daffydowndillies, you see. Plus sunshine. I've been defying The Cough to stagger about the Patch these last two days, with the biggest news probably being that I now know there to be at least 13 Blackcaps therein, and today I noticed Daffs for the first time this year. My Mum, upon being told this, said she'd seen the first ones in January [so much for my observational skills there, then..] but I also saw a Celandine, which she hadn't. :) [[Oh yes, it's the big things we talk about in my family...]]. I've kept on at the Firecrest, but despite something approaching actual sunshine it's still being elusive, so I can only conclude that it's spending most of its time in the garden of Somebody Very Rich [and who can blame it] with only rare trips to where it can be seen and heard. Oh well - not like it's an overwintering Blackburnian Warbler, is it? ;)

With some rain past and the sun sort of shining I also tried for Grey Wag at the Historic Grey Wag Place, but had no joy. There's always Town Centre in the middle of August though! [[Mad, mad I tell you...]] I did meet [Devon Birder] who was bravely on his way down to the Nose to see if the SnoBunt was still there. A less cough-y and more dedicated Patch Birder would have already known, of course, but this week that's not me. [[The shame...]] I hope he found it, as it's a hard climb back when you dip.

Hopefully my chest will clear up soon, or I may have to start wittering on about nonsense again....

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