21 June, 2011

Green Yellow and Red

The texture of the sea changed first. A moment later the grey cloud obscuring the pine-clad ridge east of Sidmouth went white. It was several minutes later that a gap, a crack in the clouds, revealed the blazing carmine disc of the Sun for brief seconds. By the time true sunshine arrived, the Sun was over Golden Cap.

A more usual Solstice Sunrise at Hope's Nose this morning, it makes last year's blessing all the more special, I think. After sunrise, I gave the sea an hour's watching before dragging myself off to work, with an impressive 602 Manxies heading past south - many very close in - with 83 north. Star bird was a Patch Tick in the form of an early Greenshank past before sunrise, with honours to a nice Puffin at 0524. They were accompanied by a mere 14 Kitts and 56S / 9N Gannets as the rest of the recorded passage [Fulmars and auks weren't counted, as I hadn't taken my clickers and had my hands full with the Manxies!].

Father's Day meant the Traditional Family Picnic, this time taking place at a hillfort. I'm going to be very rude and selfish and not say which one, because it was lovely and quiet and Tilly-friendly and I'd like it to stay that way. Plus there were Yellowhammers nesting in a slightly unwise place, so the less disturbance the better.

I know, I'm a git.

We didn't see any spectacular birds, just had a nice relaxing time [ticks aside..]. Sister had made a mocha/clotted cream/raspberry cake, which was quite obscenely good and the sun even came out for us. While the others snoozed, I kept scanning for Red Kites and Black Storks [well, you never know...] but saw only the odd Buzzard as the Skylarks serenaded us...

PYL: 126

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