05 August, 2011

Public Humiliation...

They seem to delight in it, don't they? Those norty birds...

So, no sooner do I declare to the world* that all our Swifts have departed for the sunny south than I see that I am in fact wrong. Bugger. Yay too, for Swifts are Swifts and always a Good Thing but bugger in equal measure.

I was partly right, maybe you could argue even mostly right, as the main body of Swifts did indeed go on Tuesday, including all of the very local birds, and there are only 4 or so stragglers hanging around. 4 or so who are still here today, hunting over there this evening. ::Points::

Right then, post work birding consisted of heading to Bowling Green for the high tide, hoping for a nice yankee wader among the Dunlin, or at least that Ruff that showed up yesterday. Ha ha ha. Smallest waders were 3 Green Sands, plus a Snipe. " But where have all the Dunlin [and the White-rumped Sand that by rights should be with them - hey, I can dream!] gone??" Goosemoor, probably.. Curlew, Blackwit and Redshank all passed 200, with pleasing numbers of Whimbrel, Barwit [including s/pl] and Greenshank with them. A juvie Redshank had ridonkulously yellow legs [Yellowlegs yellow - made you look!], which was interesting and the best detail picked out of the detail look I gave the thronged waders [that Ruff might have been lurking]. A Fox came and had a look at them too, but skulked off without trying its luck.

It was hot and humid, just like most of the week's been [yuck] and I didn't have the energy to try somewhere else for odonata, so home I skulked to grab some shuteye and think about the forecast.. Not ideal, but possibly interesting?

[[*Yes, dear readers, you are my world. Touched? Probably. ;) ]]

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