04 November, 2011

History Repeating

Out to the Nose first thing this morning, where lots of finches, mostly Chaff, were passing unseen overhead. A few came lower, including some nice Bullfinches. On the ground [or rather, closer to it] I managed to see a Chiffchaff! Woo. Very thin on the ground, lately, not sure why. It was very vocal, very mobile, and very green. A weird birders' version of the Twelve Days of Xmas played out in my head as it posed in the Pear Tree. These things happen when you go birding without sleeping...

Then it was over to Berry Head to once again dip Pallas' Warbler. Also to get rained on quite a bit. Bullfinches performed even better, and there were several Famous Devon Birders - with whom it was again a pleasure to bird, even if we didn't find anything spectacular. Eventually we parted ways and after meeting a couple of smart male Blackcaps by the Southern Fort I headed home for lunch. The rain then decided that showers were boring and continuous-pissing-it-down was more fun, so in a surprise move I decided to get a little kip...

Coming to while it was still light, I found the rain had dropped a surprise out the back of the house - about 600 Starlings! I say 'about' as the little bastards wouldn't stay put long enough for me to count them properly - No, not this roof. Ooh that roof? No, what about these trees? etc. etc. - they eventually headed off west as the rain eased. Interesting!

Wasn't that a quick post? ;)

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