29 December, 2011

Short and Sharp

I had been intending to have a bit of a wibble today, but events have intervened. Mice and men and all that.

Had Something to Do in Exeter, namely acquire a new CD player, my old one having died. Blogging without background music has become the norm, perhaps said blog has suffered for it, but it was something I put off, as I knew there would be painful amounts of money spent [I have a pathological aversion to not getting the best I can lay my hands on, its really no good for me. I ought to get therapy.]. But sooner or later bullets have to be bit, nettles grasped, metaphors inflicted..

I've had my midi system for a long time; I was in school. Hell, I saved my pocket money for years. Literal years. So I'm not keen to just chuck it. Plus its a good one [they make food mixers, too], and ok, so the CD player suffered age- [and possibly rain...]-related failure, but the amp and speakers still work. And getting a whole new system would cost a frickin' fortune..

So, after more than a little ado, I have a nice CD player attached to the Aux Input and OMG.... A CD player is a CD player, right? Its all digital, right? Oh so very wrong. So very, very wrong... Thus the digression, thus the late post. I've been sitting here listening to a whole new set of music. Its like the first time you look through alphas*, like when you clean the spray off during a seawatch, like when you've been working on calls and song and then you go into a spring wood and everything just clicks and your ears are eyes.. You would not credit the difference. Anyway, so time is pressing and I'm having trouble concentrating.

[[*I still remember - Zeiss Dialyt 10x40 BGAT*, at a shop in Plymouth when my parents bought me my Rangers. Ah, fond memories..]]

::Hits the Stop, with reluctance::

Birds, yes, there were birds. Owls.

Not the owl I was looking for, though. I stopped off at Exminster to pay my respects to the LEO which was being so considerate, only to find it gone. The story I heard involved an individual with a camera, who couldn't get close enough, it seemed. I do not know if this is true, but it sounds far too plausible. Various comments spring to mind, none of them legal, many probably physically impossible.. There were a huge number of people present for a weekday afternoon, some of them seeming [note that seeming, as from my perspective, I couldn't tell if they were on the footpaths or not] to be wandering around looking for eared owls to annoy. A SEO flew distantly, too distantly to really appreciate. I said 'Sod it' again and took the scenic route home. The Goddess of Birding, who is subtle and unpredictable to say the least, decided I'd been a Good Birder and a Barn Owl flew in front of me, which cheered me up quite a bit. :)

I will get back to what I was going to get to. Sometime.

It wasn't about bloody cormorants, in case you were worrying.

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