30 January, 2012

Oops, She Did It Again...

After a bit of a lie-in and a look at the Garden, this afternoon I went for a wander with the Folks [only the second time this year!]. We had a good stroll around Yarner, but didn't get any snow.. Rain, yes. Oh well.

We only met one other person [and her dog] - dodgy weather has its uses - and for a long while didn't meet any birds either. Eventually we started meeting tit bands [6 in all], with a band of a dozen Coal Tits interestingly monospecific. One band of mainly Long-tails and Marsh Tits had a lone Redpoll with it, plus a Treeecreeeper. Adorable... Not long after passing them, Tilly managed to flush another Woodcock! Rough on the Woodcock, but one thing a little black dog is useful for [as well as tangling herself up in Holly and Heather, wrapping her lead around bridges {yes, you read that right...} and trying to deny poor starving Robins a few crumbs!].

I've waxed lyrical about Yarner's winter beauty before, more than once, so I'll spare you this time. It is, though.

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