21 May, 2013

Very Little

Blogger's Block is a pain.

There are things I want to say but the words just won't come while I'm anywhere near a keyboard. You don't want to know how long it's taken simply to force this pittance out.

News from the Patch is very little - there seems to be a dearth of small birds, but more on this when I can get the words to work.

Saturday I spent up on't Moor, merrily wandering about my favourite birding up there; Vitifer and Challacombe. Though the north wind did blow, the sun was shining [mostly] and there were many many Whinchats. :D  Also 4 Cuckoos - 3 of which I got eyes on :)  Aside from a strange lack of Stonechats, everything was present and correct and I spent very nearly 9 hours just meandering about, enjoying all the birds. It was great...

Probably a good thing that I don't have the technology to blog when I'm out, as there would have been pages. ;)

Sunday saw the Folks feeling like a little coast path wander - as I'd thought about the Bolt on Saturday how could I not go? Even the threat of the chance of drizzle didn't put them off. We got to Bolberry to find bright overcast with rain lurking offshore - maybe a mile out. It was very nice, at least until the rain noticed us, came over to say 'Hi', and never left... To their credit, my parents did not immediately head for the hills, but pressed on to Bolt Head, where we found a nice overhang with no livestock in sight. The rain wasn't heavy, but it was persistent, and after trying heading towards Bolt Tail in case it was localised we eventually gave up. Sitting in the car wasn't entirely without reward, as a gorgeous male Yellowhammer spent several minutes atop a bush much closer to us than he would have if we'd been in the open.

Of note, here at last was a place with more than the odd Stonechat! So they've not all vanished.

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