03 January, 2014

Divers Are Funny Things

I got to the Blackball roost today and whereas yesterday there were a couple of GNDs, today there were a couple of RTDs [an adult and a 1w] and a BTD [an adult]. Go figure.

GC Grebes were up to an almost respectable 51, too. There may have been more, as birds were still arriving when a huge black cloud rolled up and opened fire with sideways hail and it was not fun. Then it was dark. Winter plumage Razorbill and summer plumage Guillemot still, but only 276 Kittiwakes [The Big Scope was dragged along]. More than 2100 large gulls further out, but no divers hiding amongst them that I could find.

Here's a nice picture of some of those grebes, showing a variety of plumage stages;

GC Grebes, Blackball roost

While I'm at it, another piece of local interest;

One quarter of what used to be a nice detached house
 and is now a demonstration of why you always get a survey...

Right then, time to get to that other post...

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