12 May, 2014

Oh For The Love Of...

Google suck.

I just spent the last four hours trying to convince their stupid robot to let me onto my own blog. As you can see, this eventually did happen, but for the love of all things shiny what unnecessary idiocy...  GRR!!


Because of this brainless piece of mis-coding, I now don't have time to burble on at you about my weekend, and shall just inflict the very short version instead;

Friday evening and a trip to the Nose saw a steady trickle of Swallows in/off but no other migrants and no terns..

Saturday saw me seawatching at the Nose [shock!]. On land a Reed Warbler was a pleasant surprise and indicative of a bit of a fall - I didn't find any Spot Flys, though. At sea nothing stupendous, but I did get a Patch Tick in the form of two Sanderling - which even came in and landed [alas out of sight, so I couldn't tell if they were Sanderbling or the ordinary kind]. Also in and landing was a Wheatear of the leucorhoa type - right in front of me too, which was considerate. Not considerate enough to sit for a photo, though.. Manxies were the most common bird, with 3 Bonxies, a vexing small skua sp. [which hung around way out, the git], and a nice close Puffin among the highlights.
The evening's window gazing gave me some lovely close Swift views and then later a wonderful Home Tick.. Tawny Owl flypast!! :D

Sunday saw an early nip down the Nose for Spot Flys fail - though the locals were their usual lovely selves -  followed by a trip down to cornwall to see Sister and her familials, with a nice [hail aside] wander along a wooded valley giving 4 flavours of warbler and yes, you guessed it; my first Spot Fly of the year :)

You know, that was my first trip out of Devon this year!?! What is the world coming to....

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