16 October, 2014

Shameless Filler Of A Post

Time. Time. Time.

Yeah, yet more 'I have no time have had no time may have some time at some point'-type posting, I'm afraid...

Let's see;

Last Friday I went out after owls again and struck out utterly. Dammit. I did hear my first overflying Redwings of the Autumn, so not utter fail, but still much cold tramping for not a lot [indeed, said Redwing were so close to home that I could have stayed in and done as well...]

Saturday and Sunday I was at the Nose first thing, with moving pipits and finches, plus a nice Grey Wag on the rocks on Saturday, a Whitethroat [very late] on Sunday [[plus a bush-skulking bird that's call could only be described as a hoarse hiss! No idea what it was...]]

Sunday after my Nose check, I went up on't Moor - for the first time in far too long - where I found no Merlins or ringtailed anythings, not even Golden Plovers! To be fair, I did get Ring Ouzel and Dipper; but both only on calls, due to the hordes of bods - Happy Hikers and DofE's doing Navigation 101 - wandering about.. :(

I'd gone to Shipley Bridge, and headed up the valley, then cut up to the Sub, before looping the tramways to Three Barrows, and back down Diamond Lane. My thought was to see what was moving from the Sub while I had an early lunch, then check as many open [slightly] sheltered spots for raptors as I could.
It was a good plan, but the only raptors on show were a couple of Kestrels [which did show very nicely] and an unhappy Buzzard [there were bored Crows. And Ravens. Lots of Ravens. It wasn't pretty...]. A cracking juv male Sprawk came the other way while I was en route in the lanes [[it raised momentary hopes of Merlin, but that tail...]] and a lovely leuco-type Wheatear was hanging around Skylark Tor.

And now here we are, back in the now, with me happily at work while the North Atlantic looks like that.

Zen and the Art of Working For A Living, folks.

[This post may acquire piccies at some point, btw]

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