13 February, 2016

Yes It's A Horrible Catch-up Post

NOT, I must insist, a ketchup post.

Forgive me, I have been trapped in a seemingly endless loop of monitor-bashing frustration and pent-up postiness. And I'm stricken with plague.

The good news is that I haven't actually done a huge amount in my enforced sabbatical. One trip, two proper seawatches, and a bit of Patch-bashing. Easy, right? We shall see...

Just not right now. I shall instead treat you to a piccy or two as a teaser..

[[oh, the plague has warped his mind even more..]]

Primroses on IMD
Snowdrops and violence, somewhere.

Yeah, pretty flowers... ::Gasp::

I know. I'm despicable.

I also know I ought to change this post around and retitle it, but I'm not going to. Oh, the power of editorial control.. Mua-ha-ha-ha-haaa


Now I really must go, the Coal Tits are insisting I give them more seed [yes, even in this weather]. And well, I don't want them going all The Birds on me, now do I?

Be Seeing You

[Oh, the joy in being able to type that.. :) ]

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