17 January, 2023

A Mere Two Weeks Behind

[And a bit... Ahem.]
Right then, let's see, what the vickers have I been up to this year....???

Not chasing any kind of yearlist for one.

This, naturally enough, drained all of my motivation, so the short answer is 'very little'.

Not nothing, though.

I suppose the traditional beginning at the beginning approach will do as well as any, so let us cast the mind back to well, not really the 1st.

I did get out and about, late in the day and only about the back streets of the nearby Patch area.

Not so bad as might be expected, as that means lots of big houses with big gardens and not a few birds.*
While the weather wasn't ideal, it wasn't awful, and I managed to add the odd species considered tricky in other areas [Black Redstart and Firecrest for two], but an end of the 1st's total of 23 spp. was pretty awful if you're yearlisting which I'm not so it's fine really.


Anyways, the 2nd saw some actual activity.

One of these scoter is
not like the others...

Broadsands in the sunshine, whatever next??

Long-tailed Duck

Brent Goose;
Patch gold!**

threat display

That against the Brent, which landed on the sea close in and then neatly evaded my attempts to photo it again [also avoided being impaled by that GND, perhaps the two not unrelated...]

A Black-necked Grebe was less obliging, being a bit distant and a lot divey and when looking for nice Siberian things at the Marsh, the best I got was

First warbler of
the year!


First bunting of
the year
[Devon privileges]

But then; somewhere else, somewhen else...

First raptor of
the year

Yes, one of those freak things - should have had Buzzard at least before - but I'm not complaining!
Out 'somewhere in Devon' with The Teacher and No.1 Son - who picked that up first - we were very well treated.

Also of note,


More than 134 in a couple of groups, with about 15 Redwing and nearby a small party of Mistle Thrush. 3 Snipe were flushed by third parties and flew by in various states of annoyance, but no Woodcock, despite staying out far too late and taking a very circuitous route home.. You know, just on the off chance.

Winter birding in even more sunshine, though... Whatever next?

So, a few trips and a few nice [and very nice :) ] birds. I'm trying that sort of thing this year. Not chasing totals, just going to nice places and [hopefully] seeing nice birds. Maybe even getting the odd usable if not wonderful pic [[oh, now he's just being silly...]]
And I will get in more seawatching!
More ketchup to come. Maybe before I get even further behind? [Ho ho ho]
Be Seeing You...

[[* I may be a working class oik, but I live in a nice neighbourhood. I consider it de-gentrification. 😁]]
[[** Seen to fly over it; that counts! ]]

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