19 March, 2024

Patching. Pt.2, Keeping At It

A weekend about the Patch. Mostly the Nose, of course, but not just there.

It's that time of year again when thoughts turn to Wheatears, those glorious heralds of Spring. They've turned up singly here and there, but not on Patch.

When would they appear? Could I even find one? 
[Don't dream about more]

Well, all you can do is get out there and try.

Let's end at the start;

Irregulars hunting Wheatears

The Quarry at the Nose - sheltered from the frisky wind - being checked thoroughly. Irregular the Keen has risked life and limb to go down [via the Traverse of The Gods], while Irregulars the Cautious stay up top and keep overwatch. No Wheatears were found, though the Keen then went out onto the Platform and found 6 Purple Sands, hiding from assorted anglers.

Despite quite a bit of sunshine and a helpful wind direction, we got zip on Saturday.

A few things seen;

Grey Seal, stalking
the anglers...

in near-Summer plumage

A few more on
the Ore Stone

Great Northern Diver

Loitering with Intent to terrorise crabs in Hope Cove. Not a sniff of summer plumage, so most likely a 2cy.

Roosting Oyks,
[also one on The Lead Stone]

It's always
The Deceiver

Pine Ladybird
or a Harlequin?

[If anyone is wondering why I'm starting with the second part of a post which is about the first part of the weekend... You haven't been reading this long, have you? ;) ]

Be Seeing You...

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