27 March, 2010

At l-arse!

Well, plans to wander off looking for vagrants were slightly scuppered by the whole "I'm out of a job - lets get drunk!" thing... So, get up late, and give the patch a good bash, before swanning off for more festivities this evening [thus the early post-age].

Patch did pretty well - saw an old friend, and down at Haldon no less than 15 Turnstone [new high count] and 12 Sandpipers Purple. :D For once there were a fair few gulls lurking on the pontoon in the inner harbour - careful checking produced nothing even remotely non-Herring. About 40 Feral Pigs were doing aerobatics, and the Sea Scouts [aided greatly by several idiots on jet skis] made sure there was nothing on the sea. Not even a Shag!

Heading Ilsham way, the first on-patch singing Chiffs and Blackbirds [at last!] were the highlights. Green Woodpecker still yaffling away where he was last time, and again no lurking migrants anywhere. Twas a nice sunny day, with a cool breeze - very nice.

Then I get home and... Bugger. Did I mention I hate Alpine Swifts?
Right then, first I'm going to go out and have some fun, and then I'm going to get up early and dip that bloody Swift!

Yeah, definitely a masochist...

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