28 March, 2010

Would you believe it?

Carrying on from yesterday's post....

So, after the [Name of company censored for legal reasons] ex-employees do last night [including not that much of what turned out to be some rather dodgy beer] I eventually managed to drag myself upright this morning. I know one of the benefits of the smoking ban was supposed to be that it made pubs a nicer place for everyone else, but my throat today still now feels like I've smoked a good pack and a half. Its worse than it used to be after a shift at Hills.. :s I know I could be accused of being an old git for saying this, but clubs are supposed to be the places with loud music, pubs are for talking.

Ahem. So, I headed over to the Backwater [Radipole, though tempting with Hoopoes and Bufflehead nearby was a bit far, considering the hour, the forecasted rain, and the state I was in]. A familiar scenario played out. Very familiar, as this is now the fourth time. Yes, fourth. Did I mention I hate Alpine Swifts? They're now worse than Ring-necked Ducks used to be in the 'vanish when I go to look for them' stakes.

Worse, not a frickin' hirundine of any flavour to be found in the whole Axe valley, it seemed. Certainly no frolicking Otters to be had. [Not that I expected them] A couple of Green Sands at Black Hole were nice, a trio of soaring Buzzards and a showy Chiff at Bruckland were the best on offer there. The Whooper Swan [with the Mutes at Stedcombe] was a pleasant surprise, I have to say. Winner of Bird of the Day. I actually grinned. :D Like that. [Only not sideways]

Then it started to rain properly, so I buggered off. Definitely not on good form today, as I didn't have the energy to go to BS for Garganey/Bittern or Exminster for Spoonbill/hirundines. By the time I got that far back it was pissing down anyway, and while rain doesn't normally deter me [I'm a fracking seawatcher - it usually encourages me!] today I just wanted to come home.

Dammit, I didn't think I'd be so bothered by the whole 'unemployed cadging off the state' thing...... Anybody got a job going?

There's no need to laugh that much...

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