19 October, 2012

... But Mostly You Miss

After the fun at Hope's Nose on Sunday - which itself came after a lot of slogging for not much - I took a wander about Yarner with the Folks. It was nice, there were birds coming to the feeders, including Marsh Tits and Nuthatches, but no winter thrushes and the only Bullfinch was a sneaky git and Mum didn't get onto him.

This week has seen fun and frolics at work and misses near and clear out of it. Most galling was a couple of grey geese which flew over calling on Wednesday - not Canadas, most likely Greylags - but I couldn't get enough on them. Any grey spp. aside from Pink-foot would have been a Patch Tick, so very frustrating! No Redwings at all, either...

Today, with Friday afternoons still my own, I gave the Patch a bash and though the bashing was long and thorough, I came home with very little. A few Chiffchaffs. Several bands of Goldcrests. More Jays than there should be, maybe. A tree full of Woodpigs. Another GSW. Not even a single LTT, let alone the band. Certainly no frickin' Scaup.... [Mutter mutter]


This is of course more like usual service. Normality is restored. No chance of a scarcity here. Rarities? Never heard of them.

I wonder if the council have put the gulls' pontoon back in the harbour yet...?

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