30 November, 2012

The Joy of Patch

Written with a little irony, alas.

No Waxwings here - at least none that I could find this afternoon, the only daylight I've had to try for them...

I did get a Work Tick - in the form of a very nice female Kestrel - on Wednesday. The day before, three Starlings coming in low had me briefly interested. At least until they turned and I could see their heads, anyway. The cold weather has brought a few more Chaffinches in, but no Brambling with them and still no Blackcaps yet - though the suet has been deployed.

On the plus side, I'm now off Days for a few weeks at least [I hope], so I've a slim hope at anything close by and I get Fridays back. Admittedly, this is the Living Dead version of me, but it's better no sleep than no birds, right?

Of course, it's also the busiest time of the year for Stuff that needs Doing... But hey, you can't have everything.

Wow, wasn't that a boring post.. 

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